It’s a well-known fact that the former mobile phone brand Nokia is now under Microsoft ownership. In its heyday, Nokia was, without a shadow of a doubt, the number one mobile phone brand worldwide.

But, things weren’t looking so rosy for Nokia in the past few years since the smartphone revolution. With the advent of Apple’s iPhone and various handsets sporting the Android OS, Nokia fell by the wayside.

In 2014, Nokia agreed to sell its mobile phone business to Microsoft for €5.4 billion. As part of the deal, future smartphones would get rebranded to Microsoft.

Today, Microsoft is enjoying success in the smartphone market. One of the latest models to hit the smartphone market is the new Lumia 640. So, why do Microsoft want you to buy the new Windows Lumia 640 smartphone? Here’s the lowdown on the handset’s specifications, and what you get for your money:


It comes with a quad-core processor

These days smartphones are very much like computers. They have CPUs, and operating systems that utilize those processors. The Microsoft Lumia 640 comes with a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU as standard.

It’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. The phone’s CPU is better than the dual-core unit offered in the Apple iPhone 6!


It offers plenty of expandable memory

Unlike the iPhone, where you get restricted to three storage memory sizes, the Lumia 640 lets you install up to 128GB of memory! As standard, the handset comes with 8GB of storage space.


You get freebies from Microsoft

Let’s face it; everyone likes free stuff! When you get the Microsoft Lumia 640, you don’t just buy a smartphone. You get some other useful features as part of the deal too.

Some of you may know that Microsoft offer their Office suite as a subscription rather than a boxed software title. I am, of course, talking about Office 365. Buyers of the Lumia 640 will be happy to know that Microsoft are bundling a year’s worth of Office 365 software for free!

The freebies don’t just stop there. The “Big M” also give users 30 GB of free cloud storage using their OneDrive service. Compare that to Dropbox, for example, where you only get 2 GB of storage space for free.

Using the OneDrive cloud storage service makes sense for Lumia users, as it’s akin to Apple’s iCloud. Except that you can access your files from a variety of devices! It also means that you don’t have to buy memory cards for your Lumia.

To be honest, memory cards aren’t that expensive these days. Still, why pay for storage when you get it free in the cloud anyway?


Move over Siri, Cortana’s in town

Last, but not least, there is Cortana. In case you didn’t know, Cortana is the virtual assistant that comes with Windows Phone 8.1 OS (it powers the Lumia 640).

The virtual assistant will also be found in the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system too. At present, Siri is only available on Apple’s iOS devices, with no plans to move it over to the Mac. So, will you be getting this new Microsoft smartphone?


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