Old is such a horrible word. It sounds negative, and only focuses on the number aspect of your age; ignoring the wealth of wisdom and experience you’ve cultivated over the years. Words like matured and vintage are much better, no? Well, even if everyone is still going to call you old, you don’t have to look it.

For the mature man, keeping up appearances is as important as it is for anyone else. But, you’ve got some sneaky little signs of aging coming through. There can’t be any of that. This post will take you through some of the ways you can fight some of the signs of aging, without having to go to great lengths.


Hair Color

Obviously, one of the first things to go is your hair colour. Fortunately, though, dying technology has reached a point that it doesn’t look fake or tacky anymore. You can get dye specifically designed for men’s hair, in colours that match a wide range of heads. Sometimes, a little bit of grey can make a man look more refined, but too much of the wrong colour will make you look much older. Something like your hair colour can affect your confidence in everyday life. So, it’s worth spending a few hours every month getting yourself looking slick.



At some point in their life, most men will eventually go bald. For some men, this isn’t a problem, and a hairless life actually suits them. But, for others, hair can be a pride and joy. It can be especially hard to let go of your hair. A lot of people regard balding to be one of the true signs of aging, even though it can occur quite young. If you’re already bald, you don’t have many options. Depending on your budget, you may be able to afford a hair transplant. But, this will only work on certain men and can cost an absolute fortune. If you still have most of your hair, but you’ve been observant, you might catch your hair loss before it’s too late. You can get medication that will fight hair loss for you, with just a single pill each day. It’s not too hard or expensive to get Propecia tablets online, or you can talk to a pharmacist. You can also start eating more hair loss foods, like eggs and dairy products.



So many people fall into the trap of trying to dress young; to try and look younger than they are. Unfortunately, this sort of practice usually has the opposite effect. With some clothing, you can even make yourself look a bit silly. Dressing age appropriate isn’t too hard, though. And, you don’t have to be boring to look good. The very best way to figure out what is popular amongst men of your age is to look at male celebrities of your own age. As long as it’s not too extreme, the clothing they wear will be a safe bet.

This all may sound a little vein. But, at this point in your life, there’s no reason not to look good. It will boost your confidence and could even help you to success. Just make sure you cover up those grays and take of the skinny jeans!

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