According to a recent report, the average man doesn’t fully mature until they are 43 years old. My wife was furious when she heard this news. And I have to admit, so was I.

Admittedly, there is a difference in focus. She was concerned that I still have a few years of youthful exuberance before I reach her astonishing levels of maturity. I, on the other hand, feel that is far too short a time – I wasn’t planning to grow up until my mid-60s at least.

The wife does have a point, however. It can be hard to stay youthful when you have kids. You’re supposed to set an example in every area of life. And there are the embarrassment issues to consider, too. No child wants to see their dad breakdancing – poorly – at their seventh birthday party.

The big question is, how do you achieve the perfect balance between sensible father and young-at-heart man? I’ve had a good think and come up with some suggestions.


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The acting game

I freely admit to being jealous of actors – they never stop playing games. I’m sure it helps them feel young for a lot longer than your average banking professional. Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are both in well into their 50s, for goodness sake. But we can all take their example and put it to good use. Playing games with your kids is the perfect way to keep the youthful spirit, as well as showing them how to win, lose, and give it their all.

Tear down the mirrors

The older you get, the more those mirrors won’t lie. And, after having a few kids, the years start piling on in a big way. The bags under the eyes, the receding hairline – or complete bald spot. It happens to everyone. You can try and fight it, of course. The more self-conscious of you might find some relief by looking for finasteride hair loss tablets online. But your best bet, in my humble opinion, is to lose the mirrors altogether. What you can’t see won’t hurt you. And given the incredible pressure kids are under from body image issues, you’ll be teaching them a valuable lesson, too.


The healthy outlook

The more you exercise, the better shape you will be in, and the younger you will feel. Make no mistake about it; kids love to get involved with workouts, too. It’s a great way to share an activity, and it helps give them a grounding in the importance of exercise. Plus, they always find it hilarious when you struggle to complete a set of five push-ups. It’s ‘great for bonding’, according to my wife.


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The clown approach

Kids watch how their parents handle almost every situation. So if you get angry and aggressive when people wind you up the wrong way, there’s a chance they will do the same when they are older. One way of showing them a different path is by using humour to deal with difficult situations. Teach them to laugh at themselves, too. It will help them win friends, gives them confidence, and teaches them to look on the bright side of life.

Anything to add? Let me know how you plan to grow old disgracefully!


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