My resolve is weakening and the whole diet thing is getting very boring, very quickly….

Six pounds lost in six weeks meaning in order to reach my target weight of 11st 3lb I will need to be on this diet for yet another six weeks at least.

My motivation is waining and whilst I am going to the gym and drinking my slim fast I find myself pinching a chunk of cheese here, or one of my girls chocolate buttons there. The idea of avoiding crisps, pasties and pizzas is just plain annoying. Sure I feel better and have had some compliments on my weight loss but the idea of avoiding donuts, biltong, and cheeseburgers for another month saddens me a little.

I’m sure everyone goes through this and its one stage, in a series of stages that diets go through. Hopefully the next one will be more pleasant and that food becomes less important.

One thing I have noticed is that my evening meal tends to hurt my stomach. I think this is due to my eyes being bigger than my belly. Famished, I wolf down my food and afterward I am stuffed and bloated. Part of me thinks I should reduce my servings but the starvation inside me screams at me not to change a thing.

The results are in and they are in the right direction. I am happy my BMI has finally dropped a little as I would like this to be 25 or under when I finally reach the end of this self harming exercise known as a diet.

[column size=one_half position=first ]Weight:


Body Fat:


[column size=one_half position=last ]11st 13lb -1lb

26 -0.2

22.4% +0.9


Next week will be interesting as we have a three-course meal planned and a night out in London with friends… Yet more tests and temptations to drive me crazy!

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