If you’re sailing through life a little bored and unimpressed, then it may be time to pick up a new hobby. And while football and soccer are common things to do in your free time – why not venture out away from the norm, and discover something new and exciting?

There are tons of extreme sports out there, but here are some of the best.


Base Jumping  

If you crave for that pop of adrenaline in your life, then base jumping may be the thing for you. It involves throwing yourself off the side of a very high cliff, and soaring through the sky in your wingsuit, before pulling your parachute and getting back to the ground. The wingsuit itself allows you to control your movement and fly like a bird of prey, getting to speeds of 200 mph. This sport is extremely dangerous, and you will require nerves of steel, super fast reflexes, and a lot of luck. One important thing to note is that base jumping is illegal in a lot of countries, unless there is an event organised specifically for this. But you can have a look online to find out where you’re allowed to fly.



Rock Crawling             

One very daring sport is rock crawling. This is essential driving a truck over rocks, whether they be small, big, boulders, and even the edge of mountains. This is all about precision and being at one with the vehicle you’re driving. The key to crawling correctly all depends on the speed you’re doing when tackling the terrain. You need to know exactly where your tires will fall, before they fall, so having an idea of the route you plan on taking before you start is wise. Some people tend to walk where they plan on crawling to get a better understanding of the terrain. If you’re interested and would like to take a look at the kind of trucks that are out there on offer, have a look at companies like 10trailtrucks that show you what’s available, as well as the reviews.



Volcano Boarding

Do you enjoy snowboarding but maybe don’t like the cold, or you think it’s a little too tame or common for you? Then why not try volcano boarding instead? This is essentially the same idea, but you’re shooting yourself down a live volcano on a board, either made from metal or plywood. The only thing is there is no lift like when snowboarding, which means you’re forced to hike up the volcano first, before you zoom down at 80 mph. But this is just part of the experience, and it’s an amazing sight to see. Just make sure you have the right protection so you avoid any nasty grazes from the rough ash, and wear a mask so you don’t breathe in too much of it either.

So what better time to pick up a new hobby? Surf through the web to learn more about these extreme sports, and then decide what excites you the most. Just make sure you do the right training and courses before throwing yourself into the air.

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