With the UK in its third lockdown, we are now getting much better at preparing for these long stints of isolation. As such, I’ve gathered together a list of regular purchases that have helped my children with their ever-changing workload.

Paper / Card

Whilst printing worksheets and instructions is not an environmentally friendly option, some children find it difficult to work directly off the screen and having an ‘offline’ option helps them learn. As such, a steady supply of printer paper is essential. Some projects will also require the use of coloured card for creative projects or mounting work.

Lined Pads

When writing stories, answering long-form questions or even working out long multiplication, lined paper pads can really help. Simply grabbing printer paper can lead to curved writing and inefficient use of space leading to more paper being used and untidy work. Lined pads are a great way to keep your children’s work neat, together and easily transportable should they need to take them back into school once the lockdowns have been lifted.

Colouring Supplies

Being creative is key to keep the brain active and entertained. Some teachers do tend to ‘phone in’ some lessons and simply instruct children to draw a picture, colour something in or make a poster. As such colouring supplies should be on the list. There is nothing sadder than a rainbow made of only biro blue and pencil grey.

Animal Pencil Sharpener

If you are using pencils then the time will come to sharpen them. Standard pencil sharpeners are fine, but why not inject a little fun into the process. These animal pencil sharpeners are fun to use, create a uniform point and keep all the shavings in a nice neat draw. The last thing you need when you come downstairs from a Zoom call is a pile of shavings all over the dining room table.

Books & Magazines

With the closure of libraries, keeping the stories new and fresh was a challenge, which is why the Amazon Kids subscription from Amazon was an amazing lifeline. There are so many books to choose from, whether you love Harry Potter, David Walliams or Julia Donaldson.

For those curious minds eager to find out about the world outside, The Week Junior is a weekly magazine for children that covers current events, world issues and good news stories all coupled with posters, games and puzzles.

Goals Notebook

Having a clear focus during lockdown will help keep you sane. These notepads come pre-filled with goal setting tips and daily forms to help keep you on track and moving forward. These come in sleek black or hot pink depending on your preference.

What homeschooling supplies can you not live without?

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