Getting rest is extremely important, whether you’re a child or an adult. That’s why parents need to make sure that their kids are given the opportunity to rest through the night in comfort and security. If your kids are unable to get adequate amounts of sleep, their health and focus could suffer, so check out the tips below in order to prevent sleep problems before they start.


Make Sure Your Child’s Bed Is Very Comfortable

An uncomfortable bed is sure to keep your child tossing and turning all night long, and it may even result in aches and pains by day. If you have ever personally experienced a poor quality mattress, you know exactly how it can inhibit your restful night’s sleep. Therefore, shop for a high quality mattress for your child’s bed, making sure that your son or daughter is totally comfortable in it and that his or her body is properly supported. Then shop on the Threel web site to look for duvets and bedding sets that will further make the bed even more cosy, inviting, and restful.


Help Your Child Wind Down Before Bed

Some kids have trouble falling asleep because their minds are too active to settle down and rest. A night time routine could, however, do the trick. Consider not allowing your child to watch TV or play with handheld devices and computers a couple of hours before bed. The screens on electronics prompt the brain to wake up, so they aren’t well suited to trying to get your child to rest. If you can even get your child to be bored, you may find it easier for him or her to fall fast asleep. You can even read your child a book, have him or her count backwards from 20 or 10, have your child take a warm shower or bath before bed, or play soothing music or sounds to lull him or her to sleep.

Avoid Caffeinated Foods and Beverages Before Bed

Starting at around six hours prior to bedtime, don’t allow your child to consume any foods or beverages that contain caffeine. Your child likely doesn’t drink coffee, but caffeine is also found in other items, such as chocolate and fizzy drinks.


Avoid Too Much Activity After Dinner

The time after dinner should be used to begin winding down, so don’t allow your child to be very physically active at this point in the evening, as it could energise the body and end up keeping your child awake when it’s time to get some rest. Focus on relaxing activities together as a family and encourage your child to start winding down both the body and mind in preparation for bed.

If you can start implementing some or all of the tips above, you should be able to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to preventing sleep problems in your kids. But if your son or daughter still has trouble falling and staying asleep, a trip to the doctor may be warranted to get additional advice.

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