It is hard to make kids take an interest in science. Many think that everything science-related is boring and difficult to understand. It doesn’t have to be. Science is all around us. If you want, you can help your kids to learn to love science. There are many cool things that you can do at home that will make your children adore learning. Remember, enthusiasm is contagious. If you seem like something excites you, your kids will find it exciting too. Here are some easy ways to make your kids love science.


Create a science experiment at home

Kids love playing with things and touching things. One of the best ways kids can learn about science is by experimenting. The problem with science classes at school is that they tend to be academic. They focus on a lot of theory, rather than logical, hands-on skills. There are many easy experiments you can do at home with your kids. For example, you and your children could do the ‘water rainbow’ experiment. All you need is some water, a dark room, a mirror and a light. Shine the light into the mirror so that it reflects into the water. If you are lucky, you will see a spectrum of color in the water that looks just like a rainbow.


Buy a star for your kids

If you want to teach your kids about the universe, you might find that your struggle to hold their attention. Children can’t comprehend what the universe is. I mean, adults can’t even understand what it is – so how do you expect a child to? You can make the universe seem a little less scary by buying your kids a star that they can name. You can use the Online Star Register to buy a star in your kids’ names. It is easy and quick to do. When your kids know that they own a part of the universe, they will take more of an interest in it.


Explore the world outside

When you go outside with your kids, you should take the opportunity to learn about the environment. Kids tend to ask a lot of questions when they are quite little. For example, if your kid asks you about trees or plants, you can explain to them how photosynthesis works. Kids like learning new things when they can relate to. If you tell your kids what the plants around them are doing, they will have a strong grasp of the notion.


Quiz your kids on science

If you have two or more kids, you can play a quiz game with them. This idea works well for long car journeys or train travel. Before you set off, write down some questions about science. You can find all the information you need online, and so you should have no trouble coming up with some simple questions. You should make sure that you also write down the answer to each question in case you forget. Ask your kids questions on your journey and award points to them when they get the answers right. Because you are engaging with your children and talking about science, they will remember the facts.


Make baking scientific

All children love baking. Did you know that there is an element of science involved in baking? Well, you can make baking super scientific and bake the perfect cake with your children. For example, when you are baking a cake, you can explain the physical changes that are happening to the mixture. Explain how heat affects the mixture to make it rise and what is happening to the particles. Because your kids can see these physical changes, they will understand what is happening.



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