Life as a father is hard work. The kids never do as you say, work is a struggle, and the wife always wants more. There is never a dull moment in a dad’s life, which means there is never a quiet one, either. So, finding time to work out is not simple. Let’s face it – there aren’t enough hours in the day. Of course, this means your health will suffer, and dads have to be careful because no one is getting any younger. An exercise-free health programme would be great, but that isn’t a thing, is it?

Drum roll please because the answer is yes! It is possible to maintain your health without working out with the following dad hacks. Here’s what you need to know.

Ditch The Junk In The Trunk

Guys are notorious for eating junk food. Of course, this leads to weight gain and high cholesterol and blood pressure. Sadly, you can’t eat poorly and not exercise at the same time. Even the ‘naturally’ fit readers will put on weight because you need to burn off the calories. The trick, then, is to reduce the calories so that there are fewer to burn off. By eating more fruit and veg and drinking more water, you can cut down on the junk food.

Put The Car On Bricks

Okay, there is no need to take the wheels off the car and replace them with blocks. It’s a metaphor! What it means is that you should ditch the motor and walk more. Every family man uses a car because it is easier and less hassle. The problem is that guys tend to rely on their vehicle, and this cuts down on physical exercise. Walking instead of driving is a pleasant way to get the blood pumping and to burn off calories. In fact, 60 minutes of gentle exercise burns fat at a higher rate than a strenuous workout. Come on – walking is hardly a lung buster!


Take A Mental Break

KitKat will have you believe that you need a chocolate bar to have a break. Well, that isn’t the case because there are lots of ways to release the mental pressure. Although it might not appeal to dads, a massage is a prime example. What with the rubbing and the peace, the tension seeps out of your body. Or, there is gaming. Playing on the PlayStation seems immature, but it has plenty of health benefits. For example, it reduces stress and reduces pain. So, a room with PC gaming speakers and plasma screens is good for your well-being. Lastly, there is DIY which takes your mind off life and tests the brain.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Experts say an adult needs seven to nine hours a night. How many do you get per night? If it isn’t the required amount, your health will deteriorate as sleep affects the whole body. To begin with, it is the only time the body gets to regenerate and repair. And, tiredness leads to mood swings and an increase in cortisol. High cortisol levels mean high-stress levels, and no one wants that.

Trust a dad to come up with ways of staying healthy without working out!


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