Children might be your whole world, but that doesn’t mean you have to give them every second of the day. Not only do you need your personal space, so too do they. This separation will help you relax, them to become independent, and everyone to be happy. In order to really make the most out of your private time, however, you need to set a few ground rules and create a few spaces within your own home. Here are some great suggestions to help you get started:

Make Your Bedroom a Kids-Free Zone

Your bedroom is sacred. It is where you should be able to get a good night’s rest, where you start your day, and where you spend quality alone time with your partner. While your kids don’t have to be barred outright from your bedroom entirely, you do need to set a few key rules. Things as simple as to always knock when the door is closed, is one of them. Not going inside when neither you or your partner is in the bedroom is another good rule to have. If your kids are too young or otherwise don’t seem to follow these easy rules, consider getting a lock or following these tips. At the very least, it will stop them from walking in at inopportune times.


Set Ground Rules

Carrying on from your bedroom, you need to be firm with your personal space. If you have a lot of tools in the garage, you might want to make it a rule never to run or play in the garage, and to not go in it when you aren’t there, and so on. You need your personal space, and so do they. If they hate their cheeks being pinched every time you or a family member does it, then that is a rule that you need to respect. Setting ground rules and making boundaries for each other will help you be a better family because you can’t spend every second together, and by creating spaces and personal boundaries you know how to enjoy each other’s company better than you did before.


Create a Workshop

Like your bedroom, a workshop should be a kid-free space where you can work on whatever it is you are passionate about. A workshop can be a cabin in your back garden, it could be a home office, or it could even be your garage. If you don’t have the space for a workshop, make one! You can add value to your home with a garage conversion and start to work on your personal projects without any distractions.

Personal space is a very important aspect of every family dynamic. It does not mean you don’t love your kids or that you don’t want them in your lives, it just means giving yourself the space to calm down and make time for yourself. Setting ground rules can help everyone respect each other better, but by creating a physical space you can truly disconnect, allowing yourself to relax, recuperate, and make time for your personal interests.  

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