No matter if you play for fun or consider yourself a hardcore gamer, the quality of your hardware is important. From sports to racing, every game requires a strong graphics solution. Your monitor is a big deal to make images clear and avoid tearing and motion interruptions. An immersive and smooth experience is delivered by a cutting-edge technology of monitors. Hence, it is your job to find and invest in the right choice. This article has elements that will help you understand a monitor for PC gaming. Learn the technical and usability aspects of monitors to invest in the right technology.

Resolution and size

Resolution and size the two most important aspects that decide your gaming experience. A monitor should have the capacity to offer high definition. Mostly, larger screen size tends to offer better resolution. There are various high definition resolutions available out there such as full HD, wide quad HD, and ultra HD as well. You can find these resolution options in 24 to 34 inches of screen sizes.

Refresh rate and pixel response

Refresh rate and pixel response need to be impressive too. Refresh rate is the frequency that a monitor uses to update the picture. For instance, a monitor can have 60Hz of frequency of refresh rate and refresh a screen 60 times in every second. This rate has to be high, otherwise the visuals of fast-paced games start appearing blurry.

Similarly, there is pixel response, which is the overall time the monitor takes to update pixels of a new picture. This response rate should be as quick as possible to enhance the visuals of games.


Panel’s display technology

Display technologies have different varieties such as Twisted Nematic, Vertical Alignment and In-Plane Switching. You have to choose the best option for your needs. For instance, you can look for the Best Monitor For Ps4 Pro to obtain contrast, color and other display features.

TN panels offer decent refresh rate and pixel response, and usually, don’t require too much investment. In a VA panel, you can receive better colors and contrast. Similarly, different display technologies come with different features.

Video input possibilities

You want to use various gaming consoles to connect and play. Gaming consoles such as PS4 or Xbox One are popular among gamers. However, they require a compatible monitor. Different options of video inputs should be there. Only then, the game will stay connected to different computers at the same time and support your console. Selecting a suitable graphics card also comes under this process, as they decide the connectivity of the gaming PC too.

Price of a monitor

Gaming monitors get better as you invest more. It is exactly like any other computer technology that you pay for. However, you have to try and balance the features and prices together. For example, you can choose 27 inches instead of a 30-inch monitor and empower it with advanced software support.

Keep these points in mind when choosing your PC monitor for gaming. Research about the product you shortlist, before making your final decision.

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