It’s coming to that time of year when you can feel the money in your wallet is not going to be there that long. You can feel that inner panic stirring as you think about what to get your children for Christmas. You want them to love the gifts that you choose, but equally, you don’t want to be spending your hard-earned money on presents that are going to be out of favor by the time the new year has arrived. Here are three gifts that are going to be winners, and for the long-term.


A Pet

Every child wants a pet, and perhaps you’ve always managed to deflect the request with valid statements about them not being old enough, responsible enough or there not being enough hours in the day to be able to look after another member of the household; but as your child is now older, now may just be the right time to get one. You need to think very carefully about the type of pet that you’ll get, and understand that although it may be a gift for your child, you are responsible for its wellbeing. You need to think about the time that you have available to care for an animal; if you work and are out of the house for most of the day, a dog is not suitable for your household, but a cat or rabbit may be ideal. Make sure you’re ready to provide your pet with the shelter and food that it needs, and be ready to take it to a veterinary clinic such as The Vet for vaccinations and health checks.


A Memory

Your child may be a great fan of a certain band or sports team, and so getting tickets to a concert or event that ordinarily you would not dream of taking them to can be a wonderful gift. Rather than filling your home with plastic toys that will end up as landfill, seek out tickets to a once in a lifetime event, it can be something that you’ll enjoy too: tickets to an NBA game, or a Disney weekend. If your child really loves camping, design a token for them to exchange for a family camping weekend for when the weather gets better. You’re giving them the gift of your time and making memories, and that is priceless!


A Unique Plush Toy

This is a plush toy with a difference, and one that will be sure to become a family heirloom. Your children are no doubt budding artists, so why not get them to draw themselves? Their self-perception and creativity can be partnered to provide them with a plush toy made of their self-portrait. It’s a one of a kind gift and will be treasured for years to come. You could even make it a tradition that is repeated over the years, and you’ll be able to document your child’s development through these delightful keepsakes.

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