If you’re a lover of boys and toys and gadgets, you’ve probably already got some in your possession. They help you to have fun each day and waste time when you’re bored and have nothing else to do. As technology develops and improves, there are more of them that are worth your time and your money. But most normal people don’t have the time or the money to try every new piece of equipment that takes your fancy. Here are some examples of ones that you definitely do need, however.


A Floating Audio Speaker

You don’t need to have a pool in your backyard to make use of a floating audio speaker – although if you do have one, your floating speaker will be put to even better use. Some people like to lie back in the bath and be able to listen to their favourite music without having to worry about the equipment or your phone getting wet and damaged.


A Paintball Gun

Anyone who hasn’t yet experienced the thrill of paintballing definitely needs to change that as soon as possible. It’s an incredible thing to experience, and if you’re playing it with people you know, it’s even better. Some people take things further and get competitive to. The best paintball gun under 300 will be more than enough for you. And you can modify yours in various ways if you want to as well.


Camping Tech

There’s a lot of interesting camping tech you can buy right now. So if you’re a lapsed camper and you want to get back into camping, finding some fun tech to use while you do it is definitely a good idea. You can get smart tents that have expanding walls, meaning they can fit your varying needs no matter what they are or where you are.


A Camera Drone

Drones are becoming more popular and more affordable all the time, and that’s something that’s really positive for you. You can get your hands on a fantastic camera drone without breaking the bank. You’ll have a great time with yours because you will have complete control over a flying object, and you’ll be able to look at the footage captured from its point of view afterwards.



A Smart Pillow

At the end of a long day playing with boys toys and messing around with your new gadgets, resting your head on a smart pillow is the perfect finale. But what does a smart pillow even do? Well, basically, it can play music quietly and gently to lull you to sleep. It’s actually a great way to nod off without having to worry about sleeping with earphones in.

You’re never too old to buy and use gadgets and boys toys. In fact, you don’t even need to be male. But these fantastic gadgets will keep you occupied for a long time; you’ll never need to be bored again. And most of these items can be purchased used if you don’t have the budget for them all.

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