Are your little bundles of joy so full of energy that bedtimes are more of a nightmare and then dream? Then why not try some super energy consuming activities to wear them out.


Roller skating

You can go rollerskating in a purpose built park, or you can try it out on your street beforehand. If you choose to take the little ones are rollerskating to get rid of some of that excess energy, think about protective clothing. Helmets, shoulder pads, and knee pads are a must. You can also buy gloves, so when the inevitable happens, and they do take a tumble their hands are protected when they put them out to break their fall. If you go to an organized event, then you will be able to rent to rent protective gear and the skates. If you do it at home you will need to buy them but they’re not too expensive, and you get lots of way out of them. The best thing about roller skating is that it encourages balance and coordination and can be a fantastic hobby in the long run.




As all grown-ups know, gardening can definitely take it out of you. Why not apply this principle to the kids and put them to work in the backyard? Make it fun for them by encouraging them to choose the type of plant that they would like to work with and where to put them. You could eat even get them to make fairy gardens. These are miniature gardens, designed to be homes for mythical beings such as fairies and trolls. This creates a real sense of magic in your garden and can keep the child interested long after the gardening activity has stopped. Remember to supervise them while they’re using tools and to provide lots of healthy snacks and drinks throughout the exercise.


GoQuest / Activity Centre

Once you and the kids have been to GoQuest, you are bound to want to go again! They are also probably going to sleep pretty well that night because they will have used their brain and the body. GoQuest is an indoor activity center that is made up of four themed zones. In each zone is a set of rooms and in the rooms are problems to be solved. Your task is to complete as many challenges, within the time you are set as possible. You and the kids can go together because you can play with teams up to 5, but remember children and eight are not allowed in the centre. If you don’t have a GoQuest in your area then a visit to the local Activity centre is sure to help tire them out.



Hiking is a great activity aerobic activity. Research the difficulty level of the walks on the internet before you go, so you are sure that it suits the ability of the children that you are taking. You can make it extra special by getting them to spot certain items like particular trees, flowers, birds or insects. Or make it creative by stopping when you get to a beautiful spot and doing a sketch. You can even take very young babies by using a sling and the walking often rocks them off to sleep.


Ice Skating

Whether it’s at an open all year round or a seasonal rink that pops up around Christmas time, ice skating can be a very fun activity for the whole family. As you use muscle groups that are not normally in use, it is bound to tire the kids out. If your little ones are struggling on the ice, you can hire them a push along penguin which works like a support frame. Then they can then skate around with ease. Don’t forget to wear layers of clothes as it can be cold when you first start, but you will warm up quickly with all the exercise that you’re doing.

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Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon fight is a cheap and easy way of expending some of your kid’s extra energy. To make it more exciting, why not allow the kids to make their own camps which they have to defend. You can also play games like balloon baseball, where you use a balloon instead of a ball. Or balloon hot potato, where you play the music and whoever is left holding the balloon, when the music stops has to pop it, the last one standing wins. You can also include water pistols in the game. Remember to use waterproof sunscreen and make sure it’s on a day when the temperature is warm. All that running around in the outside air is bound to mean they will be out like a light, come bedtime.


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