If you’re a car enthusiast or simply want to know what to expect in the coming years, then you’ll want to know some of the trends to look for. Innovation is the driving force behind the automotive industry and car manufacturers are always trying to outdo themselves to impress both stakeholders and car buyers. Here are a few of the trends to watch out for in the coming year.

Multi-Terrain Vehicles

Being able to travel in almost any type of condition is something more and more people are looking for in a vehicle today. Multi-terrain vehicles are an appealing choice since they provide good comfort and easy operations even in difficult driving areas. Heated seats, frugal fuel consumption and high-end audio systems make them that much more convenient. The trend in this sector is definitely set to grow in 2018.

Electric Cars

Although electric cars are already available on the market today, you should expect to see more car manufacturers entering the market with new models. The decline in natural resources is one of the main factors pushing growth in this sector. Although there will be standard cars that are still king, it’s anticipated that electric cars will be at least 12% of the car sales in the United States in 2018. Greater competition and advancements in electric car technology will make it easier for everyone to have this vehicle if desired.


Crossover Vehicles

Although large families have debated whether or not to drive SUVs, their spaciousness often makes them a popular choice. However, expect to see crossover vehicles emerge in the coming year. These vehicles are a mix of regular sedans and SUVs. They are more versatile with improved fuel economy and ease of driving.

3D Printing

Although there are not any cars which are being 3D printed at this time, this industry has seen huge developments in their processes and is anticipated to break into the auto industry. 3D printers can be used to custom make parts of vehicles faster and with greater detail than the processes used today.

Expect to see 3D printing used more and more when manufacturing parts, speeding up the process with fewer errors along the way. For instance, 3D printing could be used to create 2000 Grand Cherokee seats that would be retrofitted to work on new vehicles. 3D printing should also make its appearance in the construction of kit cars, allowing for more customization options.


Driverless Vehicles

As many people already know, driverless cars are constantly being tested and it may take a little more time before you start to see them on the road. However, autonomous vehicles are worth watching in 2018. With their shown benefits of reductions in accidents, improved traffic management, and improvements in passenger comfort, self-driving vehicles are anticipated to be the future when it comes to automotive technology. It’s anticipated that this trend will likely start in larger cities and may be available as early as the coming year.

From simple to complex, we can expect to see these car trends become more commonplace in the coming year. While some of these changes might seem purely aesthetic, some are set to completely revolutionize the industry and our approach to driving.

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