Going freelance can be liberating, but it does come with some inherent risks. Not having that guaranteed monthly income, continually searching for new clients, and dealing with the absence of security, can all make freelancing a challenge. One of the main areas of concern for new freelancers is finding ways to stay productive. When you have no boss leaning over your shoulder Monday to Friday, 9-5, it can sometimes be challenging to get the motivation you need to be more productive. It’s not an impossible issue, however, and these productivity tips could change the way you manage your freelance work and see your monthly income grow.

Start Small

Always start your day with the tasks that will take the shortest amount of time. Whether that’s setting up your documents, checking your emails, or replying to phone calls, if it takes less than five minutes to complete, it should be your first task of the day. Getting those smaller tasks finished will make you feel more productive, and will encourage you to complete more projects throughout the day.

Establish a routine

You might have become freelance because of a need to escape the 9-5, but that’s no reason not to establish your own routine. No matter how long your working day might be, always strive to start and finish at the same time of day. This structure will make you far more productive because you know that you should be working. It can limit distractions and help you focus.


Take Breaks

Sometimes we all need a break. Being focused on one task for too long can make your brain switch to autopilot, meaning that you are not 100% efficient. If you’ve been focused on the same task for more than 50-minutes, get up and move around. Make a coffee, check your social media, or move entirely to a different task. Taking a break from in-depth work can make it much easier to come back to later in the day.

Consider your work environment

If you work from a home office, then productivity can certainly be a challenge. That’s why more freelancers than ever before are moving into shared office spaces like those offered by www.thebrew.co.uk. These low-cost setups are ideal for the modern freelancer, as they not only benefit from inbuilt infrastructures for you to use; they are also filled with other businesses and fellow freelancers. It is an excellent way to get more motivation and is great for your networking as well.

Have Rewards

Nothing motivates like the promise of a reward, and being a freelancer means that you can dictate your own. As well as your working schedule, include the rewards that you need to keep yourself going. It could be that chocolate bar, or even a budgeted spending spree on Amazon. No matter what you need to keep yourself motivated, the promise of a reward for completing a particularly challenging task will help you to focus on it more fully, and your productivity will soar.

Freedom and flexibility might be the best things about being a freelancer, but productivity is going to be even more essential than when you’re in contract work. If you do not complete your work on time, then you will lose clients. Make sure that you optimise your productivity, and you will enjoy all of the benefits of being a freelancer without the inherent dangers of motivation.

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