With my 40th birthday fast approaching, I am becoming acutely aware that friends who have already hit the forty mark are celebrating in bigger and more extravagant ways. Forty is fast becoming another milestone similar to 16, 21, 50 or retirement (the actual age is currently under debate). With this milestone comes the responsibility to do something epic and worthy of such an achievement as circling the 40 forty times. If you think about it, your body has travelled 23,360,000,000 miles (23 billion miles), which is the same as going to Pluto about five times. To honour this momentous achievement, I have pulled together five fantastic experiences worthy of such an accomplishment.


Supercar Race day

If you haven’t already felt the sheer power of a supercar under your control, then a supercar race day is an experience you’ll remember for years to come. Priced between £100 – £500 you can take 12 stunning high-performance beasts around a track at breakneck speeds. The cars include Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin to name a few and once tried and tested, your family saloon will never feel the same again.


Casino Caper

There is nothing quite like the thrill of the craps table, as fellow punters cheer your name and will you to win every throw. Similarly, the suave coolness of the poker table, as you bluff your way to a big win, is a rush unlike any other. If you are looking to celebrate in style, then a Casino caper could be just the ticket. Set yourself a daily budget and then spend a couple of evenings drinking, gambling and chatting with friends. Whether you go to your nearest city or explore the more renowned casinos across Europe a night on the tables is a thrilling experience worth a flutter.

Bucket List Blowout

Whilst you still have time to get a lot of bucket list activities done in later life, why not use your 40th to knock off as many as possible in one weekend. On day one, you could start by swimming with sharks in the local aquarium, followed by an indoor skydive, followed by an open mike night, in which you step up and then finish by seeing your favour band live in concert. The following day can be filled with learning an instrument, watching a certain classic movie and then take your loved one on a sunset balloon ride. If organised well, you’d be surprised how much you can fit into a weekend.



Epic Family & Friend Get together

On Airbnb there are properties that have up to 26 beds set in beautiful sprawling grounds. Priced at between £500 to £3000, you can hire a mansion to hold the biggest family (and friends) gathering since your wedding. Tell the men to bring meat and beer and the ladies to bring salads and wine. When everything comes together, you are sure to have the night of your life.


Cleanse Your Soul

One of the greatest feelings in this world is selflessness and by spending a couple of days building bridges, showing appreciation and looking out for others, you will experience one of the most amazing feelings known to man. Start off by writing five letters to people who have shaped and impacted your life. Follow this, by writing five more to enemies or friends who you fell out with, to attempt to build bridges and make amends. Sign up for a volunteer project and spend a couple of weeks helping those less fortunate than yourself. If this can’t be done, try sponsoring a child through world vision for a year. The letters you’ll receive alone make the whole experience worth it.

Whether you are turning 40, 50 or retiring, these are just some ideas that can act as a starting point to celebrate your next epic milestone.



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