For every parent, the thought of the child they once taught to ride a bike getting behind the wheel of a car is a frightening one. Whether you have sons or daughters, or a combination, trusting that they will be sensible on the roads and take the responsibility of being in control of a tonne of metal is not easy. Although ultimately how they behave behind the wheel is their decision, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure they are as informed as possible when starting to drive. Read on and find out what you can do to protect your kids when you’re not even there.

Start Them Young

Before they are old enough to drive, maybe even years before if you are organised enough, start pointing out things like the rules of the road and good practice when driving. Kids learn by example, so always wear your seatbelt as a start and try to control any road rage that you have. Seeing you break the speed limit only tells them that it is ok to do so. Also, make sure they know never to drive tired, and explain that it’s one of the biggest risk factors in car crashes. Alternatively, if you own a plot of land such as a farm, you can legally allow them to drive there.

Draw their attention to Statistics about Young Drivers

Without being pushy, or seeming that way, try to subtly draw your child’s attention to the risks involved in driving in the build-up to their first lesson. A lot of kids don’t read the news, and certainly don’t research statistics, so are unlikely to be aware of how important safety is. Try not to alarm them, but make sure they are aware of what it means to drive themselves and passengers around. Although it might be initially hard for young adults to understand the importance of sticking to speed limits, if they are aware of the consequences they might think twice before doing something stupid.


Get them a Safe Car and a Good Instructor

We know that it is likely in the first year of driving your kid will hit a fence post, or perhaps accidentally go into the back of somebody else. These kinds of accidents are not dangerous so long as you have invested in the right car, complete with modern safety equipment. Make sure when choosing the driving school that will teach your child, that they have good reviews and have a wide array of different driving instructors to make sure they get on and can learn properly. Look into driving lessons Wolverhampton or check out their other available driving lesson areas.

Trust Them

If you have done everything you can, provided all the knowledge possible and helped them to pick an appropriate car, you have done everything in your power to ensure they are safe. Constant fretting or lectures will not make them safer, it will only make them more nervous and less likely to talk to you if there is a problem. Once they are on the roads, let them enjoy their freedom.


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