Tech in our homes is becoming one of the biggest trends in recent years. A mix of fast-paced technological advancement combined with more affordable tech means that every year more and more people are adding smart features to their homes. And as the smart home industry matures it’s only a matter of time before the smart home trend and interior design combine forces, to not only create houses that are beautiful, but to create homes that are also technological functional.

Video walls aren’t particularly new technology, they’ve been used in control rooms, stadiums and shopping malls for decades, but today they are increasingly being used in homes. As screen technology gradually reduces in price as the technology matures, a market and appetite for home video wall use has grown, and been embraced by many technologically minded individuals.

As you will learn from the below graphic from, video walls can be used throughout your home. They are neither as expensive or as difficult to fit as you might imagine. What would impress your little ones more than looking up at a big screen that entertains and educates them?


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