While the medical profession is one of the oldest careers in history, it is still one of the main employers across the world. Despite the recent fiscal restraints that have been placed on economies all over the world, the healthcare industry still hires medical professionals at a high rate.

Medical jobs are almost always in demand, but some occupations are in more demand than others. It has been found that out of 30 of the quickest growing occupations in the US, six of them are based in the healthcare industry. Here is a look at some of the most popular and needed medical careers that you are likely to see job vacancies for in 2019.

Medical Assistants

Jobs as a medical assistant are very popular as they do not usually require a college degree, and this industry has grown by around 33 percent in the last 10 years. While this position will require some training, being a medical assistant will involve you helping doctors and nurses with their basic healthcare tasks, such as taking bloods, administering injections, and taking medical notes.

This role is essential in supporting fully trained medical staff to do their jobs by taking off any additional pressure, which is one of the reasons why it is such an in-demand job role.


Registered Nurses

Registered nurses are the third most in demand medical professions, and the number of registered nurses is growing each year in the US. However, this is a higher-level job in the healthcare industry so these roles will require at least an associate’s degree. Yet registered nurses are increasingly gaining bachelor’s degrees, and some of them are completing online rn-bsn programs to improve their chances of promotion and a pay increase.

Home Healthcare Professionals

With an ageing population as people are now living longer than ever before, healthcare professionals are often needed in the home to help those who need extra support.  

These roles do not require a high level of educational attainment, but this is reflected in lower wages that this role offers. Despite the low pay for this job, it can be very rewarding to know you are helping those who need the extra support.


Becoming a surgeon is the highest medical profession there is, which means that you must study for a long time to obtain a medical doctorate. For this reason, they are one of the most in demand jobs in the medical industry. However, they are also the best paid due to the high level of training and extreme pressure that comes with being a surgeon.


Our feet are often causing us problems, so it is no surprise that the podiatry industry is becoming increasingly in demand. They deal with all sorts of issues, such as illnesses, bunions, and often the side effects that other illnesses, such as diabetes, can have on our feet.

It is estimated that there is around a 23 percent projected growth in employment for podiatrists by 2022, and with the average pay being around $116,000 a year, it is no surprise that more people than ever before are turning to a foot-related profession.  

Dental Hygienist  

While it may sound like a random career to get involved with, dental hygiene is a very popular and profitable career option, and this is likely to grow in the coming year. Even though the prospect of looking and prodding in the mouths of strangers every day may seem like a strange career option, there is expected to be a 33 percent growth in this industry. The average salary for a dental hygienist is around $70,000 a year, and you usually must only complete a 2-year degree in order to be fully trained.


You may not already know this, but being a pharmacist is a very technical profession, and there is a lot of training involved with prescribing the right medication to patients. It is a big responsibility as the smallest mistake may be a matter of life and death.

It is estimated that there will be around a 14 percent growth in employment for trained pharmacists and with an average salary of around $116,000 a year, it is no surprise that pharmacology is becoming a popular profession in the medical industry.

There are many different jobs available in the medical industry, and it is no surprise that some of them are becoming more in demand than ever before. If you are looking for a reputable and safe career option, then you should consider one of the medical professions discussed here.

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