The time that leads up to a holiday after you have booked it is probably as exciting as anything you will actually do on said holiday. The anticipation of wallowing in the Mediterranean or the thought of actually being on that safari in South Africa is enough to have you floating on air in the lead up to taking off. Indeed, the anticipation of pleasure is pleasure in itself.

This is why you should also go one step further and book an airport lounge to relax in whilst you wait for your flight. This is a perfect way of dragging out the pleasure of anticipation and squeezing out every last drop of excitement in the lead up to the holiday – or even starting to feel like you’re on holiday before you’re even on the airplane. You can sit back and relax as you sip on your prosecco and watch the planes take off as they begin their journeys to far-flung corners of the globe.
Airport lounge.

There really are few things better than watching an Airbus A380 slowly taxi passed your sunny airport lounge as you snack on a cheese board and sample the variety of merlots on offer. Normally, when you see people going on holiday you are filled with envy but on this occasion, you can wish all the departing planes well as your turn is merely a few hours away. This all makes the time spent in the lounge a very festive one as you and your loved one excitedly natter on about how good life is.

As far as value goes and many people have asked – like they do here at – whether these lounges are worth it, we would have to say yes. They unequivocally are. Usually, you will pay something around £35 per head for a seat in one of these lounges, and that covers unlimited drinks as well as food. Now, when you consider how much you would be paying if you were to sit down at a Wagamama or one of Jamie Oliver’s latest airport venues for a preflight lunch, you’ll find out the bill comes to more or less the same, only you get a lot less bang for your buck.

You also won’t be treated to the papers and a selection of the latest magazines in regular terminal restaurants, so why not book in a couple of hours earlier and put your feet up in peace? If you’re worried about running out of reading material and being at a loose end, don’t be; that’s why we all have smartphones.

Gatwick no1 lounge romantic couple

If you’re unsure about which lounges to choose then have a look at this feature, which ranks the best and the worst in the UK.

Get your holidays off to the perfect start by treating yourself to a taste of the better life before wheels up. You’ve so much to gain – and you deserve it!

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