If your kids are like the millions around the globe who love nothing more than slouching around playing video games, you may be wondering what you can do to get them more active. While there are hundreds of great games that have a lot of educational value, nothing beats a good dose of fresh air to help your kids get a good night of sleep. Whatever the time of year, there are plenty of things you can do with your children to get them up and moving about. Give their eyes something else to focus on with these top activity tips:

In the snow

If it is snowing, you don’t need to protect them from the cold ALL day. Give them a chance to feel a snowflake on their face and taste the air when the weather is wintry. The world gets a whole lot quieter too, so give your kids a chance to really listen. Then ball it up and start a great snowball fight!


In the play park

Try to get to the play park each weekend. If it has rained, take an old towel in a plastic bag with you to wipe down the swing seat and slide. Even if it is raining, there may be some great things to do, like splashing in puddles (or avoiding them). Take a ball or frisbee to add some variety to the activities. If the kids are old enough, try scooters or bikes too.


At the beach

On a hot day, it is great fun to play ‘chase the waves’. If the kids are strong swimmers, why not take a dip? Playing volleyball or just making sand castles will give your kids time to breathe in some air and do something different with their hands. For more active kids, why not try boogie boarding?



Take a short camp trip or go camping in Texas. There are plenty of things to do at the bigger campsites, like fishing and hiking. You needn’t rough it either if you hire an RV. Camping is a great opportunity for kids of all ages to get to know a bit more about the great outdoors. It’s also perfect for some daddy and child bonding time. Google some useful activity sheets to keep them going in case the weather is particularly bad.


At the skatepark

These places needn’t be intimidating. Sure, there are some ‘bigger’ kids there who can do some seriously clever tricks. The vast majority of them love an opportunity to help out a newbie. Take your kids along and see if you can’t all pick up a thing or two. This activity requires some sensible parenting, so try not to break anything if you give it a go yourself!



Most neighborhoods have a street dance group that are happy to bust some moves and let you join in. If you know where they are, why not take your kids along to watch? They may actually surprise you with their creativity and expression after so long pushing console buttons.


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