Anyone who passed their test more than ten years ago will have seen a drastic increase in risk on the roads since that time. There are now more vehicles than ever before, and all of them are trying to reach their destinations in the fasted time possible. Today we’re asking if modern roads are too dangerous for your children. The information below, and the infographic attached should help to set the record straight.

During 2013, no less than 21,657 people were seriously injured in road accidents in the UK. That might only be a small percentage of the total road users, but the figure is high enough to cause concern. If you let your children get their driving license, you must tell them that concentration is key.

There were 1,713 fatal accidents on UK roads during the same period. That’s almost two thousand people who have lost their lives as a result of bad conditions or dodgy driving. The last thing you want is for your child to become number 1,714, right?

In 2012 alone, 230 people were killed by drunk drivers. While some of them were undoubtedly pedestrians, most of them will have been minding their own business behind the wheel of a car. Even if your children refrain from drinking alcohol, they are still at risk because of other motorists.

In answering the question posed in the title of this post, we have to acknowledge the roads are very dangerous at the current time. However, your children should be safe if they use some common sense.


Infographic Source Accident Advice Helpline

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