Nowadays, health experts recommend that all children get around sixty minutes, or an hour of exercise daily so by dad taking time out of his day to do these activities with your kids you’ll all be happy, healthier and having fun!

Hot Wheels

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Remember when you were a kid and spent hours skateboarding? Kids still love being outdoors, on the move and wearing brightly colored roller skates, blades or freewheeling along on their scooters. Roller skating is fantastic for improving coordination, balance and your leg muscles while teaching them how to skateboard means they’ll be able to get the hang of other board sports like surfing, body boarding and even snowboarding much easier as they’ll be used to positioning their feet a certain way. Why not organize your very own roller disco? Clean out the garage, put up a mirror ball and then blast out cheesy nineties pops songs while you all whiz around the room.

Football Fever

Whether it’s football or soccer a casual game of five-a-side is the perfect way to get yours and their adrenaline pumping. Football is ideal for increasing kids hand-eye coordination, helps them learn to share and shows them how important teamwork is when it comes to achieving a common goal! Kids don’t need a large football pitch to play on either, simply use a couple of sweaters and have the teams wear different colored t-shirts. If your son or daughter takes to football the way David Beckham did to his free kicks you might want to buy them a training goal. Not sure where to look? The samba football goal guide gives you lots of options, but their samba training goal’s specifically designed for very young players. It’s perfect for backyards and is light, robust and easy to collapse if you want to take it to the park.


Flying High

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Have a look out the window is it windy? It is? Great, get your kids, a kite or light glider and head for your nearest hill. Remember, when things get blustery and the wind picks up the force against the kite can be quite strong. Only let young children hold the string when it’s on the ground, showing older kids how to keep the kite from flying away by using the string to control speed, direction and how much slack to give the kite. You could always make your own kite, or join a kite club that’ll let your kids meet other flying enthusiasts while getting some tips from kiting experts!


Active Adventure

Rock climbing, archery, and zip-lining what do all these have in common? Yes, they’re all excellent family activities but they each use different muscle groups to help strengthen your arms. Try to avoid bringing your child to a massive climbing wall if they’re a little afraid of heights; you’re much better off researching kids climbing days that take place on a mini climbing wall instead. Look for a child-friendly activity center that lets moms and dads stand nearby. Even the shyest child will be yelling with excitement as they whizz through the forest, over rivers and between rocks as they slide down a zip-line!


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