Welcoming a new baby into the world heralds an exciting period of your life. However, there are many pieces of equipment and gadgets that you will need to ensure that your baby is comfortable and healthy at all times. To make sure that you are not caught unawares, here are the top items that you need to invest in before your baby grows up. 

A Weaning Bib

As your child starts to eat solid foods, you will need to invest in a weaning bib for them. This can help to keep them safe and comfortable as they sit in their high chair while also making the feeding experience less hassle for you by ensuring that any food mess is caught by the bib before it stains your child’s clothes. Not only this, but a high chair weaning bib from Bibado can be washed easily in your machine and can be adjusted to suit your child and high chair, ensuring that no food escapes through a gap in the Velcro.  

A Baby Monitor 

When you have a new-born baby, you will want to make sure that they are sleeping well at all times and that no harm has come to them. However, your baby’s nap time is the perfect chance for you to catch up on work and other responsibilities. Then, you should consider looking at the many high-tech baby monitors that are available so that you can hear your baby even if you are not in the same room as them. 

Baby Bath Thermometers

Bath time can be one of the most exciting moments of the day for you and your baby, giving you a chance to bond and play together. However, water can be harmful to babies and toddlers. Then, you should look at investing in a baby bath thermometer, which can let you know how hot the water is and whether it is the right temperature for your little one. 

Bottle Warmer

If and when you bottle-feed your baby, your child will prefer milk that is slightly warmed, just like breast milk. However, milk is difficult to get to the right temperature or to warm when you are out and about. Then, you should buy a bottle warmer, which can create a delicious drink for your baby to enjoy, making sure that the warmth is spread evenly across the milk and that all of the original nutrients of the milk are preserved. 

A Stroller

The range of strollers and carriers that there are on the market can be incredibly daunting to first-time parents, with many people feeling like it is a competition to find the best and most high-tech stroller for their little one. When you are searching for the perfect stroller for your child, you should look for one that is foldable and easy to maneuver, that has large and stable wheels that can move along pavements easily, and that is comfortable for your child and their needs.

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