As a tech-loving father of two, I have many subscriptions that include Netflix, Amazon Prime and even Disney Life. Couple that with broadband, phone contracts, Xbox Live and Spotify, I have a constant stream of outgoings leaving my account on a regular basis. Back in the days of CDs, I barely bought an album per quarter, let alone one every month and yet it is now commonplace to pay £10-15 per month for music.

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this infographic from Just Mortgage Brokers that shows a multitude of modern day luxuries that are common place amongst millennials. From Hello Fresh subscriptions to gym memberships, this graphic shows how long you would have to go without for in order to afford a mortgage in the UK at the moment.

Whilst going without Netflix for 161 years sounds unrealistic, if I start to add my online subscriptions together with gym, phone and ‘free’ next day delivery I can see how much I could actually save by unplugging for a while.

Check out the graphic below and see where you could make simple savings:


Sources can be found at Just Mortgage Brokers

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