Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

It’s 2019, and stolen vehicles are big money. The nicer your car, the newer it is, the more likely you are to have it stolen or broken into. This is a sad state of affairs, but it’s a reality you’ll want to consider. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to safeguard your property.

As an example, it’s possible to monitor applications on the cloud, and it’s also possible to use the cloud as a means of monitoring the whereabouts of your vehicle. You can do this a couple of different ways.

Where before, it was only the province of secret agent fantasy films that included things like tracking bugs, now you can pick them up at an electronics store. In fact, your car might already have one installed. In order to know your vehicle’s history, and whether it already has any tracking devices installed, visit now.

Owing to financed vehicles, and dishonest buyers, installation of tracking bugs is a common practice today. If someone tries to steal the car, the bug leads repo men to it. That said, such tracking bugs can drain your battery if not installed correctly, which is how many people discover their car has them. It’s better to have your own bug installed than that of a dealer.

Cameras And Gadgets

You can install cameras in your vehicle which charge from the battery when you drive, and which you can monitor remotely from a smartphone. Say you must park in a nasty district, and you set your cameras to notify you based on motion. Should your car be stolen, you can call the cops and record imagery of the thief, helping them find him and your vehicle more quickly.

Commonly with stolen vehicles what ends up happening is this: they’re taken to some sort of chop-shop, identifying characteristics are eliminated, and then the vehicles are shipped overseas where they’re sold at bottom-dollar prices by underhanded criminal merchants. This is often why cars aren’t found after they’re stolen.

However if you don’t have a nice car and park somewhere like, say, North Las Vegas, then your stolen vehicle has probably been used as a latrine or a “hotel room” for people doing drugs who live on the streets. In that case, such remote cameras can be instrumental in helping you find your vehicle before anything overt is done inside or outside that damages it.

Check out this piece of writing on security gadgets for your vehicle to find some more information on tech devices that are key in maintaining vehicular security. There are quite a few different gadgets out there today to secure your vehicle which doesn’t involve any sort of car alarm whatever—but a strong alarm has its own value.


Car Alarms And Smart Devices

When a loud car alarm goes off, that’s going to scare away many criminals. But here’s the thing: because many car alarms are managed by internal vehicular computers, they can be hacked into. Where before, there would have been no way to use a program to hack open a car’s door, today this is a possibility owing to new innovations in vehicle design.

Some cars unlock when you approach them owing to your key or biometric factors. Some have a code on the side. Most new vehicles have some sort of WiFi capability, and this means today’s criminal can hack into your car as easily as they hack into the internet by using code-cracking programs.

A Changing Environment For Vehicle Ownership

It’s a brave new world today, and that means you’ve got to carefully manage assets which have become part of “the cloud”. IoT, or Internet of Things, devices are everywhere. Now, your car is one of them. Homes can become “smart”, refrigerators can become “smart”, and the list goes on.

As companies like Tesla and Uber increase automation potential, it becomes possible that a savvy hacker could remotely activate your vehicle and drive it to a chop-shop where its computer will be wiped, VIN number erased, identifying characteristics eliminated, and the vehicles shipped to another country. If you’re going to avoid that, you need tech gadgets.

Alarm systems, cameras, and tracking beacons are key in helping you safeguard your vehicular investment. Also, it’s recommendable to find ways of bypassing vehicular computers where this is safe and realistically viable. However, it all depends on your specific preferences.

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