If youve been living in the same place for quite a while, its perfectly natural to feel the need to make some changes every now and then. Perhaps an old sofa is looking a little past its sell-by date, or youve for a long time wanted to brighten up your kitchen with light, sparkling tiles. This article directs you to your living room, highlighting the features youll be able to scrap, replace or insert thatll revamp the whole area, giving you a plush, modern and stylish interior in which you and your family can relax.

Strip it Back

Making changes to your living room neednt start and end at the furniture. Why not sail a little closer to the wind by entirely revamping the walls, floors, and surfaces, ripping out the old and bringing in the new. You may find that removing all the furniture from your living room – to sell or discard – leaves your imagination bursting with new ideas.

Conventionally, a living room revamp doesnt happen all that often. Think about all the new features you could purchase thatd really boost the functionality of your room as well as its style – like new electrical sockets, or wall-mounted shelves – even a fireplace.


Consider Your Palette

Whether youre painting the walls or simply adding new items of furniture to a room thats already looking on point, you should always have a colour in mind when youre revamping a room. Make sure that anything new that you purchase for the room isnt going to mess with the visual unity of the style as a whole.

The best thing to do here is to take a quick list of all the colours in your living room. Are there many earthy colours – with greens, beiges, and browns? Maybe its more contemporary – with whites, blacks and hints of red. Whatever your chosen style, match everything new to the room as it presently exists.

Bring in Exciting New Items

Finally, its time to perform whats probably the most exciting of all the revamping responsibilities – buying in the new furniture that for years will be your companion in your living room. Whether its a comfortable armchair, a huge new rug or an ornate drinking cabinet, you should equip your new-look lounge with whatever you feel will bring the room more charm, style, and functionality.

If youre at a loss as to where to find certain unique types of furniture, you should do your browsing initially online before finding the pieces in their physical stores. To give an example, you can look into the contemporary furniture Miami has to offer to find some of the most cutting-edge contemporary styles – be they minimalist or wonderfully designed eccentric shapes. A good tip here is to draw out a map of the living room with all the length and height measurements taken. You can keep these stored on an app to reference when youre looking up furniture to add to your room.

Making a new start on a living room youve spent much time in already is an exciting and engaging prospect – you just need to start thinking creatively to begin to create a brand-new space for you and your loved ones.

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