By March, most of the fair-weather January dieters have turned their back of their New Years resolutions and that gym membership is just a monthly waste of money… Again!

But for those of us who are struggling on being constantly hungry and dragging ourselves to the gym on a regular basis have additional problems. Amazingly I have stepped up going to the gym from a perfectly acceptable three times a week to going around five times a week. As I go in my lunch break I only really get half a hour there once I remove showers and journey to and from. My backpack is always packed with either a clean kit or a damp kit but week in and week out my trainers sit and fester at the bottom.

The thought of shoe fresheners had crossed my mind on several occasions:

  1. Living in a student house with 4 guys often called for shoe fresheners
  2. When camping and having to stash the shoes ‘inside the tent’
  3. Any times I use my running shoes.

Now my shoes were trapped at the bottom of a bag, I was reminded every day that something needed to be done.


Happi Feet shoe fresheners | £2.60 | Tesco

The best way to describe the Happi Feet shoe fresheners is to this of a shoe shaped air freshener you might use in a car. Not one of those swanky balls of liquid on the heater but a classic cardboard tree that dangles from your rear view mirror. The shoe shaped cardboard wonders just slip in and out of your shoes when you are not using them and their “special deodorizing fragrances actively work to deodorize and eliminate shoe odour”. Put simply, they remove the bad smells and give my shoes and bag a Caribbean zing, happily replacing the pong that would turn your stomach. For the past two weeks my shoes have been a treat to smell and weirdly I have actually found myself ‘testing’ the smell more and more often. Thankfully the inserts show no sign of losing their power. The average lifespan of the Happi Feet inserts are around six weeks so I have plenty of time to give up the gym before they run out.

The shoe fresheners come in four ‘flavours’ that include:

  • Japanese Cherry Blosson
  • Caribbean Beach Breeze
  • Madagascan Vanilla
  • Freshly Laundered

Being a huge fan of the Caribbean it had to be the Beach Breeze for me and so far I am extremely happy with my choice. The shoe fresheners might be low tech but sometimes the simplest solution is often the best. The Happi Feet shoe fresheners are great value at £2.60 as they last for almost two months. My wife has a very sensitive nose and getting these gained me valuable points whilst saving my stomach on a daily basis. If you have, or know of anyone that might benefit from these inserts then it’s a simple solution to an age old problem.

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