Were getting alarming close to Christmas. You know what that means: mayhem with the kids, last-minute present wrapping in the secret nighttime, and a whole lot of planning for the perfect day. To give you a little head start in the planning department, this article considers what you can do to ready your home for the festive period. Youll likely have family staying, and you want them to be as comfortable and happy as possible. By adjusting your home to accommodate more people, and preparing it for peaceful and joyous times, youll relieve some of the stress as the big day approaches.

Logistical Planning

Christmas is a time for family, and you may well be opening your doors to more than your usual number of residents over this coming festive period. In simple terms, you need to ensure that your home is prepared for more bodies and more mess. Make sure you have arranged enough chairs for everyone in the common spaces, and that you have prepared bedrooms, towels and food supplies will in advance.

When it comes to supplies, think about the following items youll do best to purchase in advance:

  • Enough food and snacks to tide you over until the shops reopen and restock
  • Enough soft and alcoholic drinks to ensure the good times flow
  • Games, toys and other entertainment items to keep you all occupied
  • Christmas items – from new stockings to exciting crackers with eccentric gifts

Deep Cleaning

Whether its your in-laws or your closest friends, youll still want your home to be a clean, tidy and comfortable place for guests to stay. As such, its time to give your place a deep clean. Contact Utah Pest Control or your local Pest Control Experts to rid your home of any unwelcome critters. Pest control goes after the very small in bed bugs, and the larger invaders in mice and rats. Dust, hoover, sweep and clean and make your place spotless in time for the arrival of your guests.



With more family members, larger and more boisterous meals, and a busy schedule of entreating and cooking, youll need to split the responsibilities. No one family should leave the majority of the work to one or two individuals. Christmas means shared joy, and you can continue to share joy by doing your chores cooperatively. Share the responsibilities out so that your home remains in good shape into 2019 and beyond.

Atmosphere Creation

Finally, the cherry on the icing, the atmosphere. You already have some key components organised. You have family, you have enough food to feast on and enough drink to wet your collective whistles. But you should still consider the music, the lighting, the firewood, the arrangement of your seating – namely, everything that fosters the perfect Christmas atmosphere. Some tips for achieving the perfect festive vibes include:

  • Low and soft lighting
  • Festive music on repeat
  • Artful and colourful decorations
  • Cosy seating arrangements for all the family

Its soon to be Christmas 2018 – a time youll want to savour as we move towards a new year. Use these tips to make your life easier when planning for the festive period on your doorstep.

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