Gaming goes far beyond the game and the console. For many, it’s a huge part of their lives and their preferred way to spend their leisure time. Spending many hours each day in front of the screen can take its toll. After all, there are strict health and safety guidelines for using monitors and keyboards in the workplace. Maybe it’s time to consider the precautions you should be taking at home:


Most of us enjoy a laid-back approach to gaming. We’re there to relax after all. But, as with the office, your choice of seat could impact your health. Slouching for hours at a time can cause stress on the spine and even overstretch some of the muscles in your neck. If you want to get comfortable, consider supporting the neck and the spine appropriately.

Of course, the chair you choose will probably depend on the gaming experience you want to have. Immersive gaming can include using built-in wifi or Bluetooth speakers and foot pedals for the complete drive experience. When you add the new VR tech available, you really can lose yourself in the game. Just make sure your body is comfortable and supported!


When you’re not using a VR headset, then you want the graphics to still pop from the screen. Choosing the right monitor for the type of gaming you enjoy most is important. You should also consider the room it is in and the number of people viewing. The best gaming monitor is the one that’s best for you, so don’t lean toward the higher-priced screens if it’s not what you need.

Curved screens offer the best view for multiplayers. 4K offers the best graphic resolution. You should also consider the refresh rate and aspect ratio that you will need. Do you require built-in speakers or an output for your surround system? Consider if you might use the monitor for any other purpose too.


Wireless controllers are taking over the world! There are so many to choose from now. Some will offer a more comfortable level of play than others. You can choose the color to match anything you want. The touchpad is an important part of advanced gameplay. Not all controllers feature this yet, so it’s worth checking out what you’re going to get. Ideally, you should try before you buy so you know the controller feels right in your hands.


For a truly immersive experience,  you need the very best sound system you can get. But before you spend thousands on a six-speaker set-up, consider the room it’s going in. Most gamers use the smallest room in the house. That means the acoustics are challenged straight away. With nowhere for the sound to go, a big system might be wasted. You might need to consider a decent headset or headphones instead, especially if you live with other people in the house.

When you’re picking out the best peripherals for your gaming system, it’s important to consider all the options. Think practically about the room you’ll use, and how many hours per day you game. What are your perfect peripheral picks?


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