There’s no playbook for being a great parent and each family and person is different. There’s no point in trying to copy another strategy exactly. What you can do is study up on what it takes to be a good father and be grateful you’ve been given this opportunity.

Accept that you’re going to make mistakes and there will be arguments. Learn from these kind of mishaps and make a promise to yourself to correct your behavior for next time. Being a decent parent doesn’t mean you’re perfect. All you can do is try your best and hope for excellent results. See keys to being a successful parent.

Be Supportive

Most importantly, be supportive of your children and tell them that you love them and that they’re doing a good job. Verbalise your encouragement to them as much as possible. Even though you may be thinking it all the time, it’s necessary to communicate your feelings to your kids. Go to their activities, sports games and meet their friends. Show an interest in their lives on a consistent basis. This way you’re telling and showing them how much you care, so it won’t go unnoticed.


Teach, Instead of Do

A good way to teach, instead of do is to give them responsibilities that they own. For example, have your children help out with the family dog. Switch off being in charge of feeding the pet and ask them to help you pick out their dog bed and crate from Pet Crates Direct. They’ll most likely be flattered that you have so much faith in them and will want to do a good job for you. Guide your kids, but avoid doing and completing tasks for them, unless they ask for your help.

Be Mindful of Your Tone

It’s easy to yell and shout when you’re angry and tired. Keep yourself in check at all times and be aware of what you’re saying and doing. Your kids learn from you and they’re watching you like a hawk. Speak to them how you want to be spoken to, and practice open and honest communication with each other. If you do slipup, address it and apologise for raising your voice when you didn’t mean to.

Encourage Healthy Behaviours

As the parent, you’re the leader of the house. Show your kids that it’s important to be healthy and take care of oneself. Cook healthy meals, exercise and have set bedtimes for the kids. Talk to your kids about living a healthy lifestyle and what it means to them. Reward your little ones for brushing their teeth, exercising and going to bed on time. This is one area where you can have a huge impact on their wellness and future habits.


It’s in your power to do whatever it takes to show your kids you love them and are there for them. Focus your energy on a few aspects that will get you moving in the right direction. These are keys to being a successful parent.

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