Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom has the potential to be the most dangerous room in any home, especially in those that occupied by the elderly. Due to the fact you are dealing with water and slippery surfaces, a lot of the time makes the possibility of the falling over a real hazard to contend with. For this reason, you need to be improving the safety of your bathroom until it is, at all times, as safe a room as any to step foot in. The advice below will tell you how to do just that.

Make extra support available for those that need it

If there is anybody living in your home or frequently visiting it that needs a little bit of extra support because of their age or a handicap, then you need to be making that assistance available. You need to be installing grab bars & rails in close proximity to everything that is used frequently, like the toilet, the bathtub, and the shower, to increase stability; you could also invest in safety- inducing bathroom accessories, which may include a toilet safety frame as well as grab bars, and specifically shower grab bars, for example, or a non-slip bath mat. Handicap bathroom accessories can make the area far more convenient for all; and you could even have a power bath lift fitted to make bath time easier for anybody that cannot get in or out of it with ease.


Tend to the floor

As the responsible adult in your home, it’s down to you to consistently monitor the state of your bathroom floor to ensure nothing is cluttering it or that it is not left wet over an extended period of time. If you don’t, anybody, be them able-bodied or not, could find themselves falling over or slipping in the bathroom unexpectedly whenever they enter it, and that could lead to them hitting their head on any of the appliances found in there. So, make sure you’re keeping the floor clear and clean at all times, paying special attention to any areas where water tends to gather and make sure you’re laying down mats and rug grips wherever necessary.

Keep it clean

Protecting against physical injuries isn’t your only task when it comes to improving your bathroom’s safety, as you have to protect against the possibility of illness as well. More to the point, as bathrooms have the potential to be a hotbed and breeding ground for bacteria, you need to be ensuring that you are keeping the area as clean as is humanly possible. To ensure your bathroom isn’t unsanitary, first, make sure the shower is cleaned thoroughly. Secondly, make sure the toilet lid is closed at all times — you should ensure this is the case when the chain is being flushed, especially, as this can prevent unnecessary germs spreading further than necessary.

Improving the safety of your bathroom is of paramount importance if you want to protect everybody that steps foot in it, be them family members that you live with or guests to your home.

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