There have been so many advances in design software in relation to design software specifically for circuit design that for ease and simplicity it is important that designers have the very best in the market. Circuit boards can do a lot more things nowadays and even although this is the case, they are a lot smaller than they were a decade ago, as such the designers need to be creative to ensure they can deliver what the customer wants on as small a unit as possible. Here, we’ll talk you through how to choose circuit design software.

The Best Software

The best electronic circuit design software is one that puts the designer’s needs at the heart of what they do. Designers want to get on with the job and look for a software tool that is easily integrated so they can work from start to finish on the same application, a large storage space and the most innovative advanced tools.  


Running a simulation to prove that your unit operates effectively is key to success.  If you don’t manage to get a successful outcome from the simulation, then clearly there is something wrong with the design and you need to make some changes. These simulations can be run in either a single component or they can be done as an assembly. If you take the chance and do not run simulations, then there is a greater risk that when you go to manufacture the unit you find a quality defect that could have been prevented. This could be something very simple that affects the quality of the component or assembly or something that affects the reliability, durability or even safety of the unit.  Not all software has the option to run simulations so ask your manufacturer beforehand.

Advanced Tools

When we mention advanced tools, we are referring to things such as 2D and 3D viewing options.  Gone are the days when everything had to be done in 2D. There are a lot more options now open to designers as to how they view the component that they are designing.  The majority of designers use 2D to initially design and then move to 3D when they are at the assembly element.

Integration and Space

When you buy a software, you want to be assured that you can start to design without the need to convert to other software or even buy extras. This would be really frustrating and be the opposite of the simplicity a designer is looking for. A lot of the modern software now guarantees that there is no need for you to purchase any other add-on items or alternative software to do other design work.  In addition, there is the added assurance that if you are converting a drawing from another software that your modern one has this capability to do. Have a think about the storage space that the software advertises as you don’t want to spend time designing components only to run out of storage space in your library.

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