For most people, fitting in an exercise class or going to the gym is hard enough with work and living your day-to-day life. However, when you also have to deal with picking the kids up from school or getting them ready for bed, this can eat up all your free time. As parents, you also want to keep fit. Yet how can you find the time to juggle the kids and exercise so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle?

Assess Your Needs

Before you start the workout, you need to think about what you need from your exercise plan. Are you looking to lose weight or build muscle? The choice you make can influence when and how you exercise, so it is worth the quick consideration. You should also be thinking about any issues that you need to address before you exercise. For example, if you are suffering from any pain, then it is a good idea to seek advice and help before commencing any exercise. There are many centers out there such as the Michigan chronic pain treatment from The Heilman Center for Pain and Spine Care. They can help establish why you are experiencing such pain and how to counter it.

Choosing the Right Time

You might think that there is never the right time to fit in a workout, but the chances are there is a good time. Think about all those times when you aren’t dealing with the kids or at work; you will probably come to the conclusion that many people do and that is early morning or late at night. The idea of getting up at 6 am to do your workout probably isn’t the most enticing, but it is also the best time for peace and quiet before the day starts. It will also give you a natural high to start your day. If this isn’t an option, then think about late in the evening when the kids are in bed. Although there are probably other jobs that need to be done, it might be the only time in your day that it will work.


Put it in the Diary

You will always find an excuse not to exercise if you never plan for it. Trying to go to the gym after work might sound like a good idea, but if you haven’t planned the event, then it is easily forgotten or overbooked. What you need to do is put the time of your workout in your diary, so you are not tempted to book something in its place. You should make it an appointment that is set in stone so that you are always able to fit it in. If you have a partner, then you can work between you when you are fitting in your workout. That way, the other person will be able to deal with the kids and make dinner.

Give Yourself a Plan of Action

It is one thing to plan a time to do your workout, but it is another to think about what to do when you get there. Try to plan in advance what you want to do when you get to the gym or when you wake up in the morning. Do you want to do some yoga first, or perhaps some weight training? Planning your exercises in advance not only stops you from wasting time, but it can also help you to rotate the areas of your body, so you aren’t getting fatigued.

Workout with the Kids

The idea of working out with the kids might seem odd, but if you can make your workout fun for them, then they are more likely to go along with it and give you time to exercise as well. If you are doing an exercise class at home, try to put some fun children’s exercise videos on the TV. These will keep your kids busy and allow you to get on with your own workout. You can also be proud of the fact that you are keeping your kids active as well as yourself.

Play When Your Kids Play

There aren’t many kids that can resist the park with those climbing frames and obstacles. If you are finding it hard to fit in your workouts, why not take them home from school via the park and use the climbing frames as well? You can do sit-ups on the benches, or pull-ups on the monkey bars. You will be near your children so that they will be safe, and they will love the idea of you being there too.

If you are determined to get fit, then there are many ways you can fit it into your busy schedule.

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