When you have young children in tow, one thing you may wish to do is promote an active lifestyle. That usually means taking your kids to the park or a local leisure centre. The last thing you want for your kids, of course, is to end up being unhealthy and overweight.

Sports are perhaps the natural way to promote a healthy and strong body. One sport in particular, football, is popular with kids of all ages in the UK. It goes without saying that it’s something most people in Britain are into!

But, what if you’re someone that dislikes football? Is it a sport that you should encourage your kids to learn how to play? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Here’s why:


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They might not share your dislike of football

Yes, it’s okay for people not to be interested in particular sports like football. But, just because you don’t like football doesn’t mean your kids will as well! It’s important to encourage children to foster their creativity. One outlet for doing so is through playing different sports.

You might even find that your child is the future England captain! Of course, neither of you will know unless you encourage them to try football! You could start by setting up a couple of small 5-a-side teams with their friends. Check out www.powerleague.co.uk for more information.

It encourages team engagement

One of the vital life skills that your child must learn is how to be an effective team member. They’ll need to work with other people in various stages of their lives. And that starts from their school years.

As you know, football is a team sport. If you have your son or daughter participate in football games, they will learn how to be a team player.


You could organise football teams with other parents

Do you have a large group of friends and families? And do many of their kids enjoy playing sports as well? Why not embrace that fact by helping to set up some friendly football games!

It’s a great way for all the kids (including yours) to have fun. Plus, it’s a brilliant social idea to gather your nearest and dearest together.

You could even make such occasions memorable by awarding a trophy to the winning team! You can get them made online from sites like www.trophiesplusmedals.co.uk. Of course, you should also take lots of photos of each match. All the kids involved will love to look back on those fond memories as they get older.

Football encourages your kids to lead a healthy lifestyle

One problem that some parents face is when their kids prefer to watch TV or play video games at home. Such sedentary activities don’t promote any kind of physical lifestyle!

Football is a way to get the kids out of the house and be more active. It could also encourage them to take up other sports like swimming or tennis, for instance.


Football helps to teach your kids about discipline

One of the traits we all learn about from a young age is discipline. With football, discipline is an essential part of the game. Executing certain tasks in a controlled way is crucial. And that’s a trait that kids will use in other areas of their lives as they grow up.

So, as you can see, football isn’t that bad after all!

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