Creating good blog content can involve a lot of approaches. Some find that making their blog posts very personal can have a big impact – for instance, showing themselves and their families using products they are reviewing can add greater value to their descriptions of their experiences.

If you have a successful blog and work with brands or a blogger outreach service then finding new ways to make your content extra engaging and interesting can only help you, and the companies you believe in and partner with.

One way you can certainly add some extra interest and authenticity to your product reviews or other posts is by letting your older children write them. This can be great fun for your readers, but it has some other benefits, too.

Writing and Publishing On The Web Is Fun

If you are someone with a successful blog on a family friendly topic, your kids are probably already quite interested in it and delighted to get a chance to be featured or to test out a new product with you. Allowing them to actually write some of the content and publish it under their own name can be quite exciting for them, as it gives them their own little piece of internet content they can show off. For kids too young to have things like social media accounts, but old enough to be in love with the web, this can be a really fun thing to do.


It’s Also Educational

Of course, what you are also doing is basically persuading them to write essays and reports, and outside of school, too! With the incentive of their words going on your blog, kids don’t tend to overthink the fact they are actually practicing their writing and learning stuff!

Writing isn’t the only thing they can learn from being involved in your blog, either. They can learn about photography and even things like HTML from working with you.

It’s A Safe Place For Their First Forays Into Blogging

A lot of older kids and teens are interested in blogging, and according to studies, at least six million children are writing blogs – many without their parents’ supervision.

This can be a creative outlet for them, but there is a reason why most platforms have a policy about people under 14 owning their own blogs – it isn’t necessarily safe for kids to put their content out there for anyone to read and engage with. On your own site, you know your niche and audience is safe and you can moderate any comments posted on their writing to make sure they are not exposed to the ‘trollish’ side of the web when they are too young to handle it.

If you have a pre-teen or early teens son or daughter and a blog, then there are benefits for them, and for the site itself, in letting them start creating some posts for it, so why not suggest this as a family project?

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