There’s probably not a kid in the land who hasn’t been on a tablet, smartphone or computer of some sort which has apps on offer for you to be able to utilise to your heart’s content. Whether it’s using the apps to watch videos, playing games or researching facts for school, we are using apps more than we give them credit for. So how do we take this and use it to help us bond with our children even more?

Here’s the answer – build your own app.

Why Build?

School has changed since we all went. Kids are now learning code, as discussed at,  and their teachers are well under the impression that they will need this in their futures – and who are we to disagree? The internet has come on in leaps and bounds and is only developing further and further every day. It only makes sense for the next generation to be one better than us and learn all the tips and tricks that they need to know in order to fulfill the requirements to keep it all going. Life is meant to be one big circle, except in this instance it has definitely taken a tangent. Developing your child’s knowledge on something that you can do together is a useful step to take. Not only will it get them involved in something beneficial towards their future, but it will give you a chance to bond and create something that you can put to good use.


An App About What?

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It could be a log for you to note down where you’ve been, a location tracker for if you’re going out on a walk anywhere or even just a little doodle app to jot down your drawings. It can be absolutely anything that you have thought of. The bigger you go, and the more interested your child is in what you are building, the more you may find that it attracts other kids to it. If this is the case, it’s definitely time to market what you have built together. It can be money that can be put to one side to use in their future – maybe a college education or further developments of software apps.

Checking It Over

It will definitely be worth checking it over completely for any bugs or issues that need to be fixed. Sites like are effective at providing test metrics to highlight any issues that need solving. Again, once you know what is wrong, this is something that you can both work on together. Never underestimate the mind of a child – they may just be able to figure out more than you!



Spreading The Word

Try and get as much word about the app out as you can – you never know who may be on hand to help you. It could even be that the whole of your child’s school get on board with it and try to make their own. This can be especially useful for a community project.

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