Do you ever find yourself in the perfect setting, but you just can’t seem to capture that Instagram-worthy selfie? Say no more! This guide has got you covered with seven foolproof ways to take enchanting selfies that will impress your friends and followers. By catering to millennial and Gen Z smartphone users who love documenting their lives, we provide practical tips that will elevate your selfie game.

7 Ways to Take Good Selfies

Invest in a Smartphone with a Quality Camera

This might seem like a no-brainer, but using a smartphone with a superior built-in camera can make all the difference. Adequate lighting and a high-resolution lens will enable you to capture minute details in your selfies, giving them an air of professionalism. With countless options like huawei p60 pro Xmage on the market, you will not be disappointed whatever you choose to achieve this goal.


Lighting is Everything

Nothing says “jaw-dropping selfie” quite like perfect lighting. Remember, natural light is your best friend when it comes to taking stunning photos. Before snapping away, experiment with different light sources and angles to find the one that complements your skin tone and features. Try standing in front of a window to make the most of the natural light, or use the golden hour – that magical time just before sunset – for a dreamy glow.

Experiment with Different Angles

Not all angles are created equal – especially when it comes to selfies. Dare to go beyond the basic head-on shot and play with different perspectives. Keep your chin slightly lifted and your camera at a higher angle to achieve a flattering appearance. Swapping out the predictable straight-on shots for unique angles will surely earn you more likes and comments from your followers.


Use the Rule of Thirds

One of the key principles of photography, the Rule of Thirds, can also be applied to selfies. This rule asserts that an image is divided into nine equal segments by two equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines. The idea is to place the subject at the intersection of these lines to create a more balanced and visually appealing photo. By doing so, your selfies will look more polished and professional.

Choose the Right Background

A visually distracting background can steal the spotlight from you and mar an otherwise impeccable selfie. Always be mindful of your surroundings and opt for tidy, clutter-free backdrops that complement the overall aesthetic of your photo. Minimalistic backgrounds, interesting textures, or vibrant colors can play a significant role in accentuating your best features.

Experiment with Apps and Filters

While it’s crucial to capture your natural beauty in your selfies, sometimes a little extra spice won’t hurt. Explore various filters and editing apps to enhance your photos – whether you’re opting for a subtle touch-up, a dramatic effect, or a playful lens. Some popular choices include VSCO, FaceTune, and Snapseed. However, always remember that subtlety is key when editing your photos – you don’t want to lose the essence of the original image.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Never underestimate the importance of personality in your selfies. No matter the angle, lighting, or background, your photo can only be as captivating as you make it. So let your true self take center stage! Express a genuine smile, strike interesting poses, or showcase your hobbies and interests to make your selfies stand out from the crowd.


By using these seven tips, you can up your selfie game and take photographs like a pro. Whether you’re looking for the perfect angle or experimenting with exciting filters, remember that unlike any other form of photography, self-portraits are all about self-expression – so make sure to be yourself and have fun!

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