Cleaning the house and everything in it is not something that people usually look forward to, but it’s something that has to be done nonetheless. However, we live in the age of technology now, so it only makes sense to utilise such tech and use it as a means to help us tidy our homes. Here are 5 gadgets that will change the way you clean.


The Sonic Scrubber

Have you ever used an electronic toothbrush? If you have, then you will instantly be reminded of that on seeing the Sonic Scrubber, because not only does it look like a giant electronic toothbrush, but it works like one too. If you are not fond of manually scrubbing on scum and stain, this will essentially do that for you as you hold the brush in place. This means that you will still have to do some work, but it will take a lot less effort than scrubbing and brushing away solidified grime and scum.


The Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball

Perhaps the cutest and definitely the fluffiest gadget on this list, the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball is essentially a ball made out of microfibre fur on top and machine underneath. It rolls around the house on its own, all the while collecting dust from the floor. It even changes directions on hitting a wall or furniture.


Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuum cleaners are nothing new, but the newer models are a lot more intelligent, effective and useful than their predecessors. We recommend selecting a product that’s not too expensive but has a bunch of good reviews to back it up. Going with something too expensive might not give you too much value for money at the moment when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners.


The Window Cleaning Robot

The ECOVACS WINBOT series of window cleaning robots are quite famous and if you have huge windows in your house that are a hassle to clean, just attach one of these to the glass, and it will make the window shine in no time. Do check with the seller whether the particular model that you are looking to buy would be compatible with the type of windows which you have at home.


The Sanitising UV Wand

Modern hospitals do not have to use strong chemicals to sanitise their equipment as much anymore, thanks to UV-ray powered sanitising techniques, and the sanitising wand is basically the same thing but in a portable package. Just use it to decontaminate all things in the house that might have the highest concentration of germ build-up or sees the most amount of activity.

While the fun and useful gadgets on this list are awesome, they are only meant to ease the light housework that we must do on a regular basis. If you need some serious, deep cleaning for your house though, head over to for a range of professional cleaning services. They also offer regular cleaning services to those who would rather spend their limited free time doing something else other than scrubbing the toilet!

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