For many of us, having the right tech for the job is simple. It’s provided for us by our employer and sits dutifully at our desk at work, waiting for us to use it. A lot of us, however, lead a more nomadic work life. The world is our office and we need to be in a constant state of readiness, free to find a quiet spot and be productive almost instantly and at a moment’s notice.

If you’re a digital nomad, or spend a lot of time on the road, then digital technology allows you opportunities to work (or play) wherever in the world you are.

The trick, as in most things, is having the right tools.

Here are some essential tools for life on the road that will enable you to be productive and stave off boredom in your down time.


Bluetooth Car Kits

Gone are the days when you had the luxury of pulling over when you need to make a phone call. For those of us who are on the road a lot, being able to make calls and teleconference from the road is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Most new cars are built with Bluetooth connectivity integrated into the stereo but for those with older cars, there’s a great range of universal Bluetooth hands-free kits that enable you to teleconference and jam out to your favorite tunes from the road.


Bluetooth Speakers

When you get to your hotel room after a long drive, you might want to unwind in a hot bath and some of your favorite music, or to watch a movie from your digital collection on your tablet. But even if you have ears like a wolf, you don’t want the experience ruined by your phone or tablet’s tinny speakers. For a long time, auxiliary speakers offered very little in terms of audio quality but they’ve come along leaps and bounds providing a deep rich sound as well as durability and portability. Check out Speaker Digital to view the range and sophistication of Bluetooth speakers on the market today. Any one of these is perfect for filling the room with your favorite tunes or creating a theatrical movie experience in the comfort of your hotel room.


Google Calendar

Back in the day you would have had to tote around a Filofax and a Rolodex to access your contacts’ details and to-do list and while these are still useful tools (even the most ardent digital enthusiasts have a fondness for the physical at times), they’re far from readily accessible when doing 70mph on the freeway.

The Google Calendar has been a tool that many swear by for a while but the latest 2017 iteration has a helpful visual interface (for when your eyes are too busy to trawl through chunks of text), that can be broken down into whatever time period works best for you. It communicates with your Gmail account and adds events automatically and alerts you to events and reminders in a variety of ways depending on how discrete you need to be, from call alerts, to emails and SMS messages.


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