The end of a relationship can be an emotional rollercoaster, and it isn’t always easy to think straight or feel optimistic about the future. Even if you’re relieved that the relationship is over, that doesn’t mean that you won’t still have to face awkward interactions with your ex or that things will be easy for you. It is even harder if you have been living together, and one of you has to move out. If you are going through a break-up at the moment, here are some of the toughest parts of ending a long-term relationship and how you can get through it.

Moving Out

As mentioned above, if you have been living together, someone will have to vacate the premises once your relationship is over. It can be hard to decide who should go, but there are a few exceptions. For example, if the property is owned by only one of you, then they will be the one who stays. If you are renting a home together or have shared ownership, this is where things can get more complicated.

Where possible, sit down with your ex and try to have a calm and reasonable discussion about your options, as one of you might not be able to afford to move out, or that property is closer to your work, etc. If you are the one who is moving out, go and stay with a friend or relative until you can find a more permanent residence so that you can both get the space you need.


Who Gets the Pets?

If you and your ex had a pet together, deciding who will keep your dog, cat, or another animal can be difficult if you have both bonded with that animal. If you are having disputes over who should keep your pet, you might have to hire a lawyer. Fighting for pet custody can be stressful, but it is worth it if you feel that your pet would be better off with you, or you can’t bear the idea of not having them around anymore.


Another thing that can be difficult to determine is what items in your shared home belong to who. You might have bought furniture, kitchen utensils, décor items, etc., together, which means that you both have equal claim to them. One way to get around this is whoever is keeping these items refunds the other for how much they paid towards them. Alternatively, you can go through your shared belongings and split them 50/50. For example, one of you will take the TV, the other person keeps the dining table and so on.

Emotional Turmoil

Your relationship might have ended amicably, but after years together, you’re bound to feel upset and miss your ex at some point after you split up. It may have been a shock to you that your relationship ended, your partner betrayed your trust, or you might have done something to hurt them and are feeling guilty about that. Whatever emotions you are experiencing due to your relationship ending, it’s important to practice some self-care during this time. Spend time with your friends, let yourself grieve the end of your relationship, and take some time for yourself to process this before you start dating again.

Relationships aren’t always easy, and sadly, not all of them are built to last. If you have recently split up with your long-term partner, use these tips to help you get through it.


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