The festive period is here in full force, and, hopefully, you’re kids have already got their presents awaiting them under the tree (or in Santa’s sack). Whether you’ve got young children, pre-teens, or teenagers; their Christmas lists seem to get longer each year, and it can be difficult to keep up with what to buy them. However, it’ll be the teenagers in your home who can seem like the most demanding regarding their gifts, so it’s good to give them a clear idea of what and why you’re buying them something. Aside from a PS4 or Xbox, which are purely entertainment based gifts; there are a few things you might want to consider investing in in the new year for your (hopefully) grateful teen.

It’s a lovely thing to be able to spoil and treat your kids at Christmas, although, it’s also instilling the idea of the value of money, and what it can get them along the way. Perhaps a voucher or some money towards an item is the perfect way to ensure your teenager is growing up, appreciating what they have; if they’ve bought it themselves, or contributed to it, they’re more likely to take great care of their tech. You can still put things on your household insurance, but they don’t need to learn about that just yet; it’s about giving them plenty of responsibility during 2018 so that they can continue to grow into mindful young adults. The following are some ideas for parents who want to invest in beneficial technology and equipment with their teenagers when January arrives.




Smartphones are a great way to ensure that you have regular contact with your teenager whenever they go out; they can send you a message to let you know they are okay, or if they need picking up from somewhere (which is more than likely to happen). With the tracking technology; you’ll be able to keep track on whereabouts your child is at any time, which might help alleviate some of your parental worries. It’s worth checking out sites like DontPayFull, who can provide you and your teen with some affordable smartphone options and some great deals. Make sure that your son or daughter is willing to contribute towards their phone, and understands that they need to look after such a long-term investment. If your kids are at the age where going out with friends on their own is a familiar part of life; a smartphone is essential for their safety, so why not ensure they’ve invested in one.



Aside from YouTube, computer games, and social media; laptops can actually be excellent tools for research, study, and revision. Therefore, if you teen is reaching an age where they’re going to have to take exams or do coursework; a laptop could be a smart investment. Again, make sure they contribute to the cost so that they look after the equipment and you won’t be buying a new one this time next year. You can get a great refurbished model online, in stores, or on online auction sites, so do your research and shop around be your buy anything. You’ll be able to install parental controls and block anything that’s unsuitable for your teen on the internet; this will give you peace of mind and keep your child safe. Now, you just need to encourage them to get to the library more often, which might be a challenge!

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