As Christmas is over, it is time to start looking ahead to what 2015 has in store. If you have yet to make some resolutions, it is time to start right now. Sometimes, time seems to slip through your fingers. If you don’t take a moment to stop and think about what you want from life, you could miss out. When you have children, you need to make the most of your time with them, but you also need time alone. Here are some new year’s resolutions for all the dads out there.


Treat yourself to some new technology

Over the festive period, you have likely spent all your spare cash on your kids. That is because Christmas is a time for children. You probably wanted to treat them to all the latest gadgets and toys. What about you? Every man loves gadgets and technology, and you shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun. The sales have just started, and so it is time to grab yourself some of new technology.


Teach your children something new

When you spend time with your kids, you need to ensure that you are always teaching them. Sure, children learn things in school, but you can add to their education too. When you do things with your kids, think about whether it has educational value. For example, if you take your kids to the local zoo, ensure that it is a learning experience. Get some information about different animals online. Take your children to see different animals and tell them facts about them. Kids learn by seeing. If you show them animals, they will remember the facts as well.


Make some time for your partner

As a parent, you know that all your attention goes on your children. That is normal, and you should not worry. When your kids are little, you need to make as much time for them as possible. Don’t neglect your partner, though, or you will regret it. If you feel as though the romance is dead, you need to bring it back to life. From time to time, have an evening with your partner. Take her out on a date just like you did when you first met. You can quickly find reputable babysitters online. That way, you and your partner can have a night off.


Plan a family vacation

If you and your family didn’t manage to get away in 2014, you should do so in 2015. Having a vacation with your family is a great way to bond with them and make some memories. If you start planning now, you could save a load of money on your vacation. Throughout January, many travel companies will have special deals and offers for early birds. There is, usually, a slump in sales at the beginning of the year, and so you can get a deal. Companies slash their prices during this period. If you decide where to go now, you will find it easy to save cash.

hobby - game dev

Start a creative hobby (and share it with your kids)

Do you have an outlet for your creativity? If the answer is no, you should try a new hobby next year. Everybody needs hobbies, and so you should find something that suits you. If you find a new pastime, you might find that you can share it with your children. For example, if you start painting, your kids can do that with you. Having a common interest with your children is an easy way to spend quality time with them. You might find that you or your kids have some hidden talents. If not, at least you guys can have some fun!

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