When your child reaches a certain age, between ten and thirteen, you might notice some of their classmates start taking up musical instruments. Have they decided to do this themselves? In most cases no. Instead, their parents have encouraged them to pursue something like this, and there are numerous reasons why you should do the same.

It Boosts Their Creativity

Research has shown that learning to play a musical instrument actually encourages children to be creative. As you are probably aware, creativity can be a useful tool to have in the modern world. It might mean that one day your child pursues their own business idea. Or, perhaps they promote their own talent online. You never know what they might achieve, and it all starts with encouraging them to pick up that instrument.


It’s A Skill They Can Use To Make Friends

Making friends in school and higher education is a lot more difficult than most people realise. In fact, it’s often a struggle just to stay afloat above all the social groups. Most kids at some point feel like they just don’t fit in at all. If you want your child to avoid this type of situation, a musical instrument can help. They might be able to join a band or share their talent with people who are also playing. It immediately gives them someone they can connect with.

It Could Lead Big Things

We’ve already mentioned that learning to play can encourage and stimulate creativity but what about a full blown career? You might discover that your child is gifted and loves to play. If that’s the case, their future could be right in their hands and yours. You might want to start by recording their talent. With a company like Nationwide, you can use their service product multiple CDs and media. You might then be able to sell it or help them sell it themselves. This type of activity is going to look great on a CV or resume, even if it doesn’t lead anywhere.


It’s Fun

Learning to play a musical instrument is challenging, and it can even be quite arduous. But once you reach a certain stage, it’s just a lot of fun. Your child will be able to create new melodies, play versions of their favorite songs and connect with music in a way that they never have before. It really is like entering a whole other world once you get to grips with the notes. You don’t even have to take tests or exams. They can just play purely as a hobby in their spare time.

A Chance To Connect

Or, perhaps you or your partner played a musical instrument when you were younger. If your child learns, it will give you a chance to reconnect with your passion too. You might even be able to play together. As your kid gets old it’s going to be more difficult to relate to them, particularly as they pass through the terrible teens. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share something that you both loved?


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