Choosing the right mens underwear is not easy, especially when you’re buying for another person. There are a lot of things you need to think about to avoid purchasing men’s underwear which is unsuitable or inappropriate. You need to pick a style that is comfortable and which the person you are buying for is going to like. However, there are plenty of underwear brands out there to choose from, which makes the task that bit easier.

In fact, over the last few years, the underwear industry has become flooded with lots of different brands all promising high-quality at their respective price points. As with anything, you get what you pay for and it is always a good idea to not cheap out on underwear. It’s something that the person you are buying for will wear often and you want it to last.

#1: Go for Reputable Brands

When looking for men’s underwear, there are lots of reputable brands which we all know of and are the hallmarks of quality. Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, Diesel… these are all brands which are respected by men worldwide and are some of the bestselling manufacturers.

They are the bestselling manufacturers for a reason too, i.e. because they produce a quality product which is comfortable and lasts. If you are buying underwear for somebody else, then the chances are that it is a gift of some sort. You wouldn’t be stingy when buying any other gift, so why would you go for low-budget underwear?

#2: Think About Their Style

Buying underwear for somebody else is an incredibly personal thing, however, if you are doing it, you probably have some form of close relationship with that person (we hope!) and know them quite well.

Think about which underwear the person you are buying for currently has and try to find something which matches that style without buying a pair they already have. Although underwear spends most of its time hidden away under other pieces of clothing, you should still be buying something which looks and feels good to wear.

#3: Would Performance Underwear Be Suitable?

If the man you are buying for is particularly sporty, active, or has a labor-intensive job then a pair of performance underwear may be the perfect addition to their collection. Brands such as Under Armour are used by athletes, police officers, workmen and other people, and they have even overtaken Nike as the world’s premier performance-related sports gear brand.

Under Armour offers all kinds of underwear, however, their performance boxer briefs are anti-microbial, comfortable, and are treated with moisture wicking.

Buying underwear for yourself is difficult enough, so when you are tasked with having to shop for another person, it can feel like an impossible nightmarish situation. It’s not impossible to do, though – underwear is a fairly simple garment and if you put some thought into it, you’ll soon find yourself trying to pick between multiple different pairs which are all suitable and perfect in their own way.


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