A weekend spent in London amounts to a couple of days spent in a city with thousands of daysworth of delights packed into a few square miles of parks, museums, galleries, cafes, and concerts. Its thus a little daunting to plan exactly what youll get up to in your time there but, whether youre visiting from the UK or planning on enjoying a city break from abroad, there are some considerations thatll make or break your experience. This article sets out some key planning necessities when arranging your cultural weekend in London.

Place Bookings

Weekends are busy in London; thousands of people just like you are heading into the city to enjoy its many pleasures, and its for this reason that you should book your most cherished activities ahead. West End plays can be found, researched and booked online, guaranteeing you a seat in resplendent theatres soaked in history for a performance youll never forget, while comedy nights, jazz cafes, electronic gigs and everything else you can imagine will have sold out by the time youre casting around for a way to spend your evening. Make sure you book in advance to maximise your enjoyment of Londons offerings.



Pretty much everyone who visits London finds themselves dead on their feet after a day on and off the tube, navigating busy crowds and attempting to find somewhere to grab a bite to eat. Take a look at your days schedule and, where possible, head into one of London’s many green spaces to take the weight off your feet for an hour, enjoying the everyday tranquillity of Londoners taking their sandwiches on park benches surrounded by the ubiquitous grey pigeon – itll replenish your energy and show you a calmer, more sedate side of the city.


Free Galleries and Museums

London benefits from the fantastic UK-wide policy of boasting a wide array of free-in galleries and museums, with many of the best collections in the world – like those held at the British Museum or the Tate Modern – all free to discover in your own time. Take full advantage of this and, despite some weekends being busy, make sure you make it to the rooms that contain some of the most iconic archaeological remains and pieces of art in the world so that youve got the photographs and the memories to show for your cultural visit of London.


Local Delights

Aside from the main sights, museums and galleries, take a trip through authentic London by doing as the Londoners do – the local culture dictates you perhaps go to a football game – there are dozens of stadiums in Greater London – or spend the evening in a characterful pub. Perhaps youll sample multicultural London by enjoying jerk chicken and reggae in Brixton, or a Bangladeshi platter with Bhangra music in Wembley. Talk to friends with a knowledge of this authentic cultural side to London and do as they suggest – youll come away with unique and genuine memories.

Londons a gigantic and diverse city with so much to offer; its hoped that these tips will help sculpt your ideal cultural visit to Englands capital, removing stress and pointing you to the best destinations in town.

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