We all love to play Blackjack online, but sometimes we can undoubtedly be left feeling frustrated, after being beaten by the dealer over-and-over again. So, to help you enhance your ‘21’ game, and make sure you get the better of the dealer more often than not, we have come up with five simple rules. Read on to find out more! 

Don’t split a pair of 10s or 5s

Whilst there are hands you should always split – which we will get to later – there are also hands that you should never split, and they are; a pair of 10s or a set of 5s. There is a simple reason why you shouldn’t do this, and that is, you are far more likely to win a hand by hitting the pair of 5s (hard 10) than you are splitting them. If you split the 5s, the chances are that you’re going to have to hit again, and the odds are, you’re going to go bust! Of course, splitting a pair of 10s is incredibly tempting. However, whilst most of the time it will result in two winning hands, you are much more likely to win by just sticking with your 20 and not being greedy! 

Always split a pair of 8s and Aces

Ok, so we’ve mentioned which hands you should never split, so let’s take a look at a couple that you should always split, and they are; a pair of 8s and a couple of Aces. If the dealer’s up-facing card is a 9, 10 (or a card with the value of 10) or an Ace, it might be tempting to stand on a pair of 8s (hard 16), as you are the underdog. However, by splitting the hard 16, you actually give yourself a better chance of winning than by standing. Meanwhile, you should always split your Aces, as, that way, you’re always going to get two better hands, than if you’re sticking or hitting the two Aces. 

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Always stand if the dealer’s up-card is lower than six

We’ve mentioned when you should split and hit, but then when should you always stand? Well, if the dealer is boasting a six (or lower), the best strategy is usually to stick with your hand – even if the chances are, you’re not going to bust. If your hand is Q-2 – for example – the odds of you taking another card and going bust are just 30%, so the chances are you will improve your hand. However, the dealer is going to need to hit their hand at least twice, meaning they are very likely to go bust. This is why you should always stand and let them play. 

Play at tables where the dealer has to stand on Soft 17

Tables (or online games) where the dealer must stand on Soft 17 – A-6, for example – will play into your favour, and, therefore when in a land-based establishment, or when scrolling online, you should always try to play at tables where the dealer needs to stand on Soft 17. When this rule is in place, it narrows the house edge, and as a result, gives you a better chance of winning. 

Play at tables that offer doubling down on all hands

Following on from the last point, finding a table that offers the doubling down rule on all hands also narrows the house edge. Playing this rule correctly will help you enhance your bankroll. 

Here’s an example of how to use this rule effectively: if you have a hand of 10 and the dealers up-facing card is nine or lower, you should always double down, as you are the massive favourite to win the hand – and there’s nothing better than doubling your money, right? 

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