No matter how close you are adhering to your quarantine guidelines, many of us are looking for anything that will help give additional insight. Rapidly proving to be a popular piece of kit, pulse oximeters are gaining in popularity across the market – promising help at an affordable price point.

But what exactly is a pulse oximeter and is it worth picking up one for your family? 

What is it and who needs one?

A helpful diagnostic tool, a pulse oximeter painlessly measures the level of oxygen in the user’s system – displaying the information in a readout on the device.

What was once an invasive blood test that would take time to review can now be found in seconds with a high degree of accuracy. 

While much still remains unknown about Covid 19, research has found that viral pneumonia is common symptom alongside a drop in blood oxygenation. This makes it difficult for patients to recover, reduces energy levels, and can potentially make things difficult for individuals with pre-existing conditions or in vulnerable brackets. 

While this is dangerous, this potentially provides a key to help diagnose the virus and track recovery. Using a pulse oximeter allows you to spot a drop in oxygen saturation in an individual’s blood and potentially take steps to secure medical care or attention. 

Picking up an oximeter potentially allows you to spot this initial ‘tell’ and help ensure that – or a loved one – are able to react appropriately. This also allows an infected individual to get insight into the progress of their recovery and ensure that they are back to full capacity. And with some individuals appearing to show no issues breathing and still displaying a drop in lung capacity, it can potentially be an early warning that can make all the difference. 

Is it worth it?

For a heavier piece of kit, it’s always worth measuring up the cost involved and a range of other factors such as portability and convenience.

Thankfully, that is not an issue here.

Advancements in technology have left most commercial oximeters small, robust, and easy to use. However, it is important to ensure that you hunt down a model that comes from a reliable provider. 

Given the gravity of the situation, picking up a device from eBay without doing your homework. Companies like Sensoronics have a solid track record for working with commercial suppliers and providing options for individual users. If you want to learn more, a little bit of additional research can point you toward a device that is right for your unique needs. Consulting your doctor or physician can also help give you a steer toward a unit that is right for you. 

No matter who you choose, take the time to fully vet the business and check and double-check the device when it arrives. And if you have any concerns, always be sure to take the steps necessary to keep you and your family safe when it truly matters most. 

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