Do you ever get worried looking after your kids? Particularly when your better half is away? We know you do and don’t worry, you’re not alone. Dad’s are constantly worrying that they are doing something wrong when they are looking after their children. Either they’re not watching their health or they’re forgetting to check they’re brushing their teeth. Well don’t worry this idiot proof guide will help you look after your kids and make sure you keep them on the right track.

The Wonderful Online World

It’s impossible for dads to keep kids offline forever. Eventually, they are going to explore the wonderful web. But you want to keep them safe. We don’t think that any child under the age of thirteen should be online unsupervised. After they reach that age you can still put child locks on the net and keep an accurate history of what they’re looking at. Even if they have a phone, you can set it up so you can access what they see on the web. We want to trust our children. But you also have to understand that as they get older, this becomes harder. They’re exposed to more things in school, in the social life and even at home.


Don’t Fear The Dentist

A lot of children fear the dentist and that’s a problem. If you don’t look after your kid’s teeth when they are young, they can face issues when they’re older. We know what you’re thinking. Their baby teeth are going to fall out anyway. Ah, but you can’t let them develop bad habits. More than that, you need to be careful that they don’t get used to not going to the dentist. Take your children to the dentist at an early age so that they are used to it. If you look online, you’ll find plenty of dentists know the problem parents face with kids and the dentist. They then do everything that they can to make things better for them. Children don’t need to fear the dentist if you pick the right one. You can find more online at East Indy Dental Care or from any other dental practice.

Eat Right

Getting your kids to eat right can be a bother. Particularly when it seems like ads make unhealthy foods far more desirable for children. We’ve all seen the trix rabbit or the lucky charms leprechaun. The good news is that letting kids have this kind of food in small amounts isn’t going to hurt them. It’s all about controlling how much junk they eat and making sure they get good meals constantly. As long as you’re kids are not just eating junk food and they do get exercise they’ll be fine.


Sleep Right

Our final tip is to make sure your little ones are getting a good night’s sleep. This is important for one key reason. The school career. Children are under immense pressure these days to perform well at school. While you can’t simply relieve them of this pressure, making sure they get enough sleep will make things a lot better.  

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